2014, The Year Of Karmageddon — An Accelerated Learning Period As Each Soul Goes Through Its Own Karmageddon — By Sabrina Reber


For the past twenty years light workers have worked diligently to prepare humanity  for December 21, 2012 where the Earth would align herself in the center or galactic heart of the Milky Way. This divine alignment did occur which has activated the Earth’s energetic portals to expand to their fullest potential so humanity, and all living beings on Earth, could increase the amount of light, higher consciousness, or vibrational frequency within their being. This is a cyclic event that occurs every 26,000 years as the Earth completes a full revolution around the sun. In 13,000-year cycles the Earth and Humanity spends 11,000 years in the lower vibrations of darkness, separation and duality ~ outside the photonic band of high vibrational intensified light that comes from the great central sun. Currently, the Earth has moved inside the photon band ushering in a 2000 year period called the “Golden Age,” where humanity’s next level of advancement is offered. While we are in the photon band, encodings activating our memory and DNA are sent through the rays of the sun encouraging us to spiritually evolve our current state of consciousness into a more enlightened state of being. For the past 11,000 years we have been outside the photon belt, in the “dark ages,” immersed in the negativity of polarity and duality. Currently, we are in the photon belt, entering a 2,000- year cycle of enlightenment receiving the transformational and transmutational energies of the Christ. The return of Christ is the return of our very own Christ Consciousness, which is activated by the energies from the photon belt. The photon belt is the radiation and eminence of the Christ Energy, which awakens humanity and ushers in the era of peace.

As 2012 rolled through with much anticipation, 2013 brought disappointment and confusion. Many people were expecting a sudden transformation such as quoted in 1 Corinthians 15:52, ” In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed.” And this actually is happening to humanity, but it is not happening in the way many of us had expected. It is not happening to the masses all at once, it is happening in waves of people – it is what I call Personal Soul Ascension. “In a moment, in the twinkling of the eye (spiritual eye center/pineal), at the last trumpet (crown chakra). For the trumpets will sound (7 physical chakras that are shaped like trumpets with spiritual life force energies able to move through them) and the dead will be raised (ego self/lower self) and we shall be changed (higher soul merges with physical self and the lower self becomes spiritualized).

The above quote is talking about humanity’s next level of advancement. It refers to raising the dead – those who are sleepwalking and unaware of who they truly are. It is symbolic of the Great Shift In Human Consciousness where we are re-triggering our true innate 12 strands of DNA through the activation of the kundalini energy which rises from the root chakra (trumpet) all the way up to the crown chakra (trumpet) where both masculine and feminine energies are balanced and brought into Oneness. It is the divine marriage of Shiva Shakti within which changes us forever and births The Divine Human Child or New Avatar being on Earth.


“The Kundalini is a divine spiral of energy similar to a coiled snake that lays dormant at the base of each person’s spine (root chakra) until proper purification has occurred within a beings system for it to safely ascend up the chakra column. The crown chakra connects us to our masculine Father God, while the root chakra connects us to our feminine Mother Goddess or Mother Earth. If the kundalini is able to move through each chakra, and does not encounter any blocks it will move up into the crown chakra opening a pathway for each persons God self to descend into their physical body. Kundalini is our dormant “Creator Energy.” It is our divine birthright to activate this part of ourselves so we can become conscious co- creators here on Earth. When our system is properly prepared, the descension of our God self washes over each of the seven chakras, breaking the seven seals activating the creation of our divine luminous light body. This prepares us to move forward into Self Mastery where we have the potential to fully activate and embody our Holy Grail becoming a Divine Enlightened Human on Earth.”


Although 2013 was the year of confusion and disappointment for the human ego; all is in divine order as the truth is revealed to us and the return of our true selves continues to be birthed. Everything continues to be in a rapid state of flux as systems continue to collapse and the old human programming continues to dissolve. So in 2014, I see this year being the year of KARMAGEDDON. Although this sounds very intense and negative this is actually a very positive sign of our evolution into greater states of being. Let me define:

KARMA: Off pitched vibrations in the energy body. These vibrations or energy imprints are reflective of the choices we make (consciously or unconsciously) that bring about the action of cause and effect. For every action, there is a reaction regardless if it is negative or positive in the souls experience. Karma or off pitched vibrations always seek balance. Karma is simply a learning tool developed to help the soul grow and evolve from its current state of consciousness into a more evolved state of consciousness where it learns sometimes through negative karmic interactions what it no longer wants to experience anymore. When we live within the universal laws we create positive consequences for ourselves. When we disregard universal laws creating pain, chaos, and harm, we will create negative consequences for ourselves. Karma is not punishment and all consequences should be seen as positive. Oftentimes, a negative karmic imprint turns into a positive karmic imprint when we learn our soul lessons and decide to make life affirming, conscious choices that generate actions that evolve our souls into a greater state of being.

ARMAGEDDON: In Greek ( ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis) means “lifting of the veil” or “revelation.”  It is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception. It is our ego and shadow consciousness that places the veil of illusion or a veil of amnesia over our minds keeping us from accessing our higher wisdom and truth from our higher selves. Evil is the “veil” that blocks us from maintaing a strong connection with our true self and keeps us in the world of karmic repercussions and negative recreations over and over again.

KARMAGEDDON: The unveiling of hidden energies within ourselves that need to be released so we can access more light and truth. A time period where the veils will be lifted and we will be able to SEE ourselves, our negative pleasures, manipulative tendencies and shadowy egoic aspects that need to be seen so they can be healed – for we can not heal anything within ourselves until we become conscious of it. Negative and positive consequences will be manifested at rapid speed. Not only are we dealing with past life/parallel life karmic energies we are also dealing with current life karmic consequences at an alarming rate. Our choices and actions today have the potential to be returned to us almost immediately as the light on the planet continues to increase manifesting our thoughts, words, intentions and actions much faster than ever before.

2014 is the year of Karmageddon and it will continue to be so for many, many more years as humanity continues to awaken at an accelerated rate. The veils are being removed and more and more people will begin to shed the distorted beliefs that have enslaved them to the wheel of reincarnation and they will start to SEE themselves and make more conscious choices. For those of us who are the Pathcutters, we will have been dealing with Karmageddon for some time now. However, we will be called to go deeper. Just as soon as we think we have mastered something we will be shown that we haven’t. Our ego and shadow consciousness is deeply ingrained and very subtle with its deception and manipulation. In order to evolve and reach our highest souls potential we will need to be ever diligent with self observation and be brutally honest with ourselves and our direction of energy.

For our loved ones who are resisting their shift in consciousness -out of fear of what they may discover- life will become increasingly chaotic and we may find ourselves pulled into the illusions of their dramas. They may project all of their fears onto us as a defense mechanism to help them maintain their veils of illusion. Any attempts on our part to help them SEE clearly may end up in an attack. They truly can not SEE themselves, they are veiled and blinded by the tricks of their ego and shadow consciousness. We must understand that not all people will want to awaken, as awakening requires us to pull ourselves out of denial so we can SEE and face the self – for when we face God, we face the self. So it will be in everyone’s highest and best good to practice compassionate detachment and also to provide each other the freedom of free will to make choices that are appropriate for each souls personal growth, even if it means that some relationships may change. These relationships could be the relationship with the self, with work, with friends, family, diet etc.

Ascension requires change and for those of us choosing to ascend our consciousness that is exactly what 2014 and the year of Karmageddon will bring. We will be shifting, changing, clearing, learning and activating at an accelerated rate. Because of this it will be very important for each one of us to stay aligned with OUR OWN PERSONAL SOULS GROWTH. Focusing on others, what they are doing, if they are advancing or not will leak our energy. We can help others through our example, but we can not control or force others to rise in vibration and ascend their consciousness.

Tips To Help You Move Through Karmageddon With Ease An Grace:

1. Recognize yourself as an ascending soul. Know that ascension requires change so be open to it. Change is the only constant in the universe and at this time of rapid acceleration the changes we are going through can be overwhelming especially if we run into fear.

2. Be honest with yourself, your inner workings, your true intentions, the tricks of your ego and shadow consciousness. Denial, escapism and not accepting responsibility for the current state of your life will only create more of what you are already experiencing. Be willing to truly SEE! 2014 is the year of self revelation as we journey into a deeper understanding of the  SELF which will lead us to a deeper understanding of everyone else and the entire universe.

3. Realize that in order to create change, you will first have to change the energy of the NOW so you can create a better future. Your NOW moment contains energies from your past that you are holding onto that have the potential to manifest as your future. These energies could be karmic imprints, subconscious programs, distorted beliefs, repressed negative emotions and soul trauma. Fully feeling our feelings, releasing our repressed emotions, reprogramming our subconscious patterns that no longer serve us and expanding our consciousness will help us release old outdated beliefs that hold us back. Energy healing such as Pranic Healing, Reiki, DNA Theta and daily meditation will help us clear all of these energies as well.

4.  Learn to RESPOND to your karmic situations that have come forward for a final balancing without REACTING. This will be our greatest test of self mastery this year. Learning to RESPOND with our empowerment, speaking our truth appropriately with loving energy without REACTING from our previous fears and negative behavioral patterns.

5. Pull your focus of energy back into the SELF. Visualize all your energy returning to you and surrounding you at arms length forming a beautiful golden energetic egg around your entire physical being. Oftentimes, we send out energy streams of our very own energy to other people and become focused on their souls growth and their souls lessons. This can be necessary at times when we are in service to others, but if we don’t pull our energy back to our SELF… when we done we will create confusion and interference in our own being throwing us out of alignment with our own souls growth. Our energy in their field also creates attachment to their outcome and it can also interfere in their free will to choice. This kind of energetic entanglement serves no one. Pull your energy back in and align your self with your self.

6. Take back your free will to choose what is light filled for you and allow others the same opportunity to utilize their free will even if it throws them into a difficult learning experience. Remember that there are no wrong choices. Every choice will eventually get you where you ideally want to be even if it takes you longer to get there. The more you follow your heart, the more aligned you will be with your souls intuitive guidance system that will always guide you in the direction of your highest and best good.

7. Remember you are not a victim to circumstances. Whatever is happening to you or around you serves you in some way and is the catalyst for your transformation. Be in gratitude for everything that comes your way. This time period of accelerated soul evolution comes around in 26,000 year cycles as the Earth enters into the photon belt of heightened crystalline energies. These energies are transformative and will bring about rapid change within your being. Stop dreading it and use this time period to your advantage. Have extreme gratitude to be taken to the next level in your souls evolution!

8. Be aware that as you rise in vibration everything about you will change. In addition, things you use to do may no longer be of interest to you as you claim new vibrational frequencies within your being that catapult you into new passions and new soul purposes. As you activate new vibrations within you, you may experience downloads of new information and open up “Light Packets of Information” from previous lives that you can utilize NOW to assist humanity to move forward into the golden age of peace and en-light-enment. Allow new soul experiences to come forward as the old ones fall away and understand that there is a normal period of confusion during this time while the new is fully integrated into your being.

9. Love your self. Honor your self. Be kind and compassionate to your self as you re-birth yourself. You are evolving from a dense, egoic, veiled being stuck in the world of illusions to one who is being downloaded with an enormous amount of crystalline light rapidly raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness so you can return to your true magnificent self. This is not an easy process and one that takes great determination, courage and strength. In addition, you are going through this transformational process on different timelines as many of your loved ones. This creates the perfect experimental learning ground for self mastery and the rapid dissolving of the human ego and shadow consciousness as we intermix with those who are not ascending and trigger every imperfection in an ascending souls being so we can see what we need to work on. It is a perfect plan for a perfect storm if we get caught up in the drama of it all…..and when the storm passes, you will be able to SEE your SELF and others more clearly. You will be able to SEE where you fell out of alignemnt with your  higher self and allowed the ego to sneak back in for further refinement. Love your self through your mistakes and give gratitude for the opportunity to see clearly and evolve your soul.

10. Understand that ascension is about the kundalini rising breaking the seven seals over the seven chakras and merging into ONENESS with your higher soul. Before this occurs you will go through karmageddon as the karmic imprints held within the chakra system are cleared. In order for the kundalini to rise safely up the spinal coulmn, 51% of your karma will need to be purified. Once you merge into ONENESS with your higher soul, you are not done. You still have 49% of karmageddon to heal and transcend as you continue to move into self mastery. The more you master your self, the more strands of DNA will be activated and the more avatar abilities will be returned to you. The kundalini energy will ascend in perfect divine timing for you and this is what we will be experiencing over the next 20 years as we witness the most transformational changes on our planet as everyone who chooses to remain on Earth merges into ONENESS with their true selves.

11. Read and refer to the “Raise Your Vibration” book often. This book is a tool book to help you awaken and also to help people who are awake to remain on the path of soul ascension. There are detours and roadblocks all along the ascension journey and this book will help you stay on track when your ego has knocked you out of alignment with your truth. It is also a helpful book to refer to when you fall into victimization and when you find your self in a difficult soul lesson. READ AN OVERVIEW AND PURCHASE THE BOOK HERE

Karmageddon is about ascending souls bringing themselves back into balance through the transmutation of karmic dense energies into LIGHT. We are moving into the Golden Age here on Earth where every soul who chooses to incarnate on Earth or remain on Earth will go through the process of soul alchemy where we turn our lead (coal) into the Light (gold) of the Christ Consciousness. Over the next 2000 years we will be entering into the Golden Age but it is the next 20 years that we will see the greatest changes as the old collapses and the new is created. People will be changing at a very fast rate and this can create extreme amounts of fear, overwhelm, confusion and anxiety. However, there will be a time in the future where the majority of people will be awake with many of us fully merged with our higher selves and radiating the Christ Consciousness – and this is how we will create heaven here on Earth as heaven is a state of consciousness. ~Sabrina


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