22 Strand DNA Activation and 24 Strand DNA Activation/Adam Kadmon Level With Sabrina Reber In Destin Florida


DNA Activation

The Soul Needs To Be Activated!

DNA activation is a tremendous gift of empowerment that assists you in the accelerated healing of your physical, soul and spiritual bodies. As the new millennium progresses and the dawn of the age of LIGHT begins, each of us are being called to move out of our limited human experiences and into a new, more en-lighten-ed and empowered way of being. DNA activation is a gift of grace from God for those who are ready to accelerate their spiritual evolution. Activation helps us clean up the shadows within our souls, “lighting up” and activating the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” we are each encoded with that have remained dormant until the time was right for us to return to our original divine blueprints.

Over the past 12,000+ years our planet has been outside the photon band of crystalline light, where we have been in the dark ages learning lessons through our egoic consciousness. Because of this, our souls have taken on more and more density, which has led to a decrease in our ability to hold light. However, now that our planet has entered into the photon band and many of us have begun to intellectually awaken we have reached a place as a collective where we wish to “energetically awaken” so we can return more fully to our Divine Selves. As a result, this activation of divine empowerment has been brought forth and is now available to all beings who are ready to accelerate their ascension process so they can integrate greater levels of LIGHT into their beings – helping them to awaken and expand the divine consciousness within themselves.

DNA Activation is a gentle, oftentimes pleasurable, etheric surgery performed by an initiate who has been initiated into the Hierarchy of LIGHT. These initiates have been trained in DNA activation and have been given a specially made etheric crystal wand. These hand made crystal and sage wands are specifically created by a shaman for etheric healing and are blessed and sanctified to the initiate/healer who will be using it. This tool is critical to the success of DNA Activation above the 12th strand. Many people who have been pro-active in their spiritual practices and the disillusionment of their egoic consciousness have the potential to self initiate to the 12th strand. However, any activation higher than that (at this time on the planet) can only occur when a soul chooses to utilize their free will to work with an initiate of the light who has acquired the appropriate teachings and this special tool of activation that the hierarchy of light works through in order to successfully activate their DNA strands to the 22nd and 24th strands.

There are 2 levels of DNA activation:

The First Level: 22 Strand DNA Activation: Cost: $150.00

This session takes approximately 1-hour and includes a lot of healing in order to prepare your system for DNA Activation. The healing protocol includes:

- Energetic Cap Removal (Energy over the crown that blocks our energetic flow to Spirit)

- Balancing of your Elemental Energies

- Balancing of your Magnetic Energies

- Balancing of your Etheric Energies

- Balancing of your Chakra Energies

- Emotional Cord Cutting Ceremony

- 22 Strand Activation


Second level: 24 strand DNA Activation: $200.00 (Can be done as soon as 3 months after the 22 strand activation)

This is the “Adam Kadmon Activation” or the “Divine Human On Earth.”

This healing protocol includes:

- Energetic Cap Removal (energy over crown that blocks flow to Spirit)

- Balancing of your Elemental Energies

- Balancing of your Magnetic Energies

- Balancing of your Etheric Energies

- Balancing of your Chakra Energies

- Emotional Cord Cutting Ritual

- Negative Crystal Removal

- Karmic Matrix Removal

- 24 Strand Activation

2 bottles of Antimony (vibrational healing essence) will be provided. This is the highest level of DNA activation you can receive at this time on the planet and will take 9 months to a year for you to fully integrate into your being.



  • Brings in and enables you to hold more light in your physical body
  • Empowers you to maximize your potential to bring forth unrealized talents and abilities
  • Gives you more energy and greater clarity about your life
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Assists in the releasing of unconscious patterns
  • Increases your ability to use more of your brain. Currently most people only use 10% of their brain…there is so much more we could be accessing and the DNA activation will help us do this.
  • Creates the greatest potential for full connection and integration with your higher self.
  • Facilitates clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns
  • Dissolves soul shadows that block your light
  • Helps you return to your original Adam/Eve divine blueprint before the fall of man.

DNA activation unfolds over a period time. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your self, your genetic lineage and humanity. The more people who activate their DNA the greater amount of light is brought down to the Earth. By raising your personal vibrational frequency, you assist in raising the vibration of the planet through the law of vibrational resonance. I honor you in this decision.

All healing work is done in person in Destin Florida. If you would like to set up an appointment please contact me at: sabrinapreber@gmail.com


Sabrina’s Background

In 2005 after a 2 year dark night of the soul; Sabrina had a kundalini experience where she merged into oneness with her higher self. This completely changed her life and way of being in the world. She began to study energy medicine and became certified in many modalities: Reiki, Karuna, Pranic Healing, DNA Theta Healing, King Solomon Mind Region, DNA Activation, and a variety of ancient healing techniques that have been passed down from King Solomon. After her kundalini ascension, her multidimensional senses were opened, and she began to work with a group of spiritual beings known as the “Counsel of 12″ who helped her write her ascension book called “Raise Your Vibration.” Once the book was released, she began her online journey of service to others by writing thousands of spiritual articles in order to inspire and assist others on their ascension journey’s. Her online presence has allowed Sabrina to work with hundreds of thousands of people all over the world helping them to stay committed to the expansion of their consciousness so we can bring forth healing for ourselves and our planet. Sabrina has traveled the world receiving initiations and energetic openings. She has endured sacred pilgrimages throughout Egypt, India, Peru, Brazil and she has spent 15 days living with a Shipibo Tribe in the Amazon. Sabrina has been initiated as an ordained minister in the Lively Stones Full Gospel Ministry by the well known healer Willard Fuller who was  known to perform dental miracles by the laying on of his hands. She is also an initiate into the Hierarchy of Light. Sabrina has been married for over 21 years and has been a loving presence for her 2 daughters. She is also an artist, but her greatest passion is helping others connect with their true selves…their higher selves.


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