A Simple Way To Identify Your Ego: By Sabrina Reber


QUESTION: Do you have a simple trick to help me identify my ego?

ANSWER: Your ego is your rebellious, overreactive, fearful, wounded inner child.

When your soul chose to take on physical incarnation and it entered into a body, a veil of amnesia or forgetfulness was placed over your soul’s mind causing your soul to forget that it is a direct extension of the Creator Of All That Is. Because your soul believes it is separated and powerless it becomes fearful, and creates an alter identity called the EGO. The ego is a fear filled fragmented extension of the soul, and it is not connected to the loving guidance of the True Self; the “God Self Within.” The EGO literally “Edges God Out.

The ego, or your wounded inner child, will continue to further separate itself depending on the stability of your childhood foundation. If your parents were loving and nurturing then your soul will feel safe and less fragmentation will occur. As a new born soul, your parents provide everything you need to survive and they are the closest representation to God/dess. Their love, or lack of love, is the foundation that will determine how fearful and wounded your “inner child” will become.

So the ego, or wounded inner child, is that part of ourselves that lives in absolute terror because it has separated itself from the loving guidance of the higher soul. It is that part of ourselves that feels unloved, unconnected, powerless, fearful, erratic, defensive, overwhelmed and remains in a constant state of panic. This part of our self needs us to recognize it so we can set up appropriate boundaries, a safe environment for it to heal, and lovingly nurture it back into alignment. If you are observant of yourself, you can feel the wounded inner child working within your being when you begin to feel “unsafe.” You may feel heat moving through your body, cortisol/stress levels increasing, rapid heart rate and  your nervous system responding with a “fight or flight” reaction. These overpowering sensations oftentimes lead to egoic “knee jerk reactions” and “temper tantrums” from our wounded inner child initiating unconscious behaviors that become repetitively karmic for ourselves and the people we interact with.

In order to take dominion over our rebellious inner child we will need to become observant of it working within us so we can heal our wounded inner child and elevate ourselves to our “divine child” where positive, loving, conscious creation can occur. When we become aware of our SELF, and who we really are, we will be able to become the LOVING PARENT to our multidimensional fragmented energies within us that have separated themselves from the core of our true nature. For we can not change or heal anything within ourselves if we remain ignorant to the fear filled energies and negative behavioral patterns within our being that continue to create pain for ourselves, and everyone we interact with. It is time for humanity to become spiritually mature and self aware so we can take control over our wounded inner child and our overreactive, fear filled emotions. When we decide to get real about ourselves, and stop resisting the pain within, we will find the courage to go within and clean up our souls so we can BE the “Divine Beings Of Love” that we truly are.

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