Am I evolving my Ego or my Soul? By Sabrina Reber



“Walking the spiritual path properly is a very subtle process; it is not something to jump into naively.

There are numerous sidetracks which lead to the distorted, ego-centered version of spirituality.

We can deceive ourselves into thinking we are developing spiritually

when instead we are strengthening our egocentricity through spiritual techniques.”

Chogyam Trungpa


Physicality is a very dense world and it is full of egoic illusions and deceptions. Many people who “think” they are evolving their souls are actually feeding and growing their egos. So how do we know if we are evolving our souls? Look at your life over the past year, have you made radical changes? Have you released relationships that no longer serve your soul’s evolution. These relationships could be with people but more importantly I am speaking of the addictive relationships our egos have made us attached too. For example our relationships with alcohol and ALL consciousness suppressing substances. At some point on our journeys we will be asked to give up these “sensate” substances that suppress our consciousness and lower our vibrational frequencies. Alcohol, smoking marijuana (not hemp oil) and other consciousness suppressing substances – used on a regular basis – numb our beings, create rips and tears in our energy fields, bring forth negative spirit entities and they also create energetic blocks and barriers from us being able to evolve to new, higher levels of being. Our egos will justify these behaviors because the negative spirits within us want to continue to indulge but ultimately, if we continue to partake in these substances, that alter our consciousness, then we are choosing to feed our egos and not feed our souls. Our souls can not grow to new levels of being when our energy fields are full of these addictive, parasitic energies.

Another addictive relationship we have is with food and chemicals. If we are not actively and consciously choosing to clean up our diets then we are impeding our spiritual progress. This does not mean you should become a vegan. Not all bodies are the same, just like no two souls or two states of consciousness are the same. Some people thrive on a vegan diet and some people do not. The most important things we can be doing, however, is to eat as many raw, nutrient dense, high water, high vitamin/mineral, organic, humanely raised, CLEAN food items as possible. If you are still drinking and eating chemical ladden “franken foods” then obviously you are feeding your ego and not the growth of your soul. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON HIGH VIBRATIONAL BODIES)

Mentally and emotionally we also need to be aware of what we are feeding our minds. An evolving being, one who is growing their soul, will use discernment with the images and sensate feelings that are allowed to enter into their minds. An evolving soul is no longer vibrationally attracted to movies, music, books, video games or any other “entertainment” or escapism mechanism that is filled with the 7 vices that we are all trying to transcend. If we are wanting to overcome it, then why would we be feeding our minds with stuff that is contradictory to what we are wanting to emulate and become?

Spiritually, an evolving soul has a “balanced” spiritual practice where they spend time with their inner being. Repetition is powerful, so if you do not have a focused practice and you are shifting from one practice to the other, thinking none of them are really going to work, then you are actively fulfilling that prophecy for yourself. Spiritual practice takes dedication, time, patience and perseverance. Obviously, the highest spiritual practice you can be doing is meditation. We must learn to turn off the physical senses of this dense realm and go within so we can access higher levels of our SPIRIT. There are a ton of spiritual practices out there, but most of them do not help you access your SPIRIT, which is what “spiritual practice” is suppose to do. When we slow down our thoughts, our heart beat will slow down as well. Not only does this bring tremendous health benefits but it also helps us slow down all of our physical senses so we can access the higher parts of our consciousness that resonate at a much higher frequency than we do. These aspects of ourselves, and the energies they bring forth, alchemicalize our lower selves and bring forth “TRUE CHANGE” within our beings. If we are not meditating, we will not be able to access the higher dimensions within ourselves. We will not be able to change the quality of our consciousness, and we will not be able to grow our spiritual bodies because we will be too busy in physicality growing our ego bodies “thinking” that we are growing our souls.

So the practice of true spirituality and true ascension is the process of radical transformation in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. True spirituality is the process of cleaning up our psychological defects and the 7 vices within us so we can turn our vices into virtues. In order to do this, we must first observe our vices and be honest with ourselves about what needs to shift and change. True spirituality has nothing to do with how much spiritual knowledge we have attained or how many spiritual certifications we have acquired. None of that means anything if we have not actually applied what we have learned and fully integrated it into our lives. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON VICES)

So someone who is growing their Soul and integrating more of their Spirit into their beings conserves their energy for divine purposes. We don’t waste our time and energy on things that suppress and limit us from climbing to new levels of being. We don’t fight, argue, duel with others… in order to prove we are right. We are actively and consciously releasing our addictions and attachments to sex, drugs, alcohol, toxic chemicals, toxic relationships, negative thoughts, negative behaviors, elitism and superiority complexes. We spend our time doing things that will help us evolve so we can be of greater service and support to those around us. For an evolving soul is aligning themselves with “Divine Will,” which is earned, and they are fully integrating God’s will into their beings. Many people “think” they can just give over their will to God, but this is false. In order to align your will with the will of God, you will first need to purify yourself and raise your consciousness up to the higher levels within yourself so you can merge your lower self with your higher self and then your will and God’s will can be brought back into unification.

Aligning ourselves with Divine Will is the process of ascension, it is the process of reintegrating ourselves back with Divinity and it is a privilege, not a right. So be careful with all of those “spiritual groups” who are asking you to kneel and turn over your will back to God. God will not take your will back, but there are plenty of other beings who are happy to take your free will away from you so I think you need to really ask yourself – “Who exactly am I giving my will away to?”

“Freedom, one might call the Divinity of Humanity. It is the most beautiful, the most superb, the most irrevocable of all of the Creator’s gifts to us. The Supreme Creator will not violate this Freedom without denying its own nature.” Eliphas Levi

Free will is a Universal Law! Humans have been given free will to experience, to create and to grow gaining wisdom through their creations regardless if they are constructive or destructive. Only when a soul chooses from its own free will to ascend, and is integrating more of its divine essence within itself will it then be able to merge into oneness with its higher soul where “divine will” can then be downloaded into that being in increments based on that soul’s dedication to its own evolution. But even then, that soul still has the choice to either listen to the divine will within or to listen to its egoic will. If a soul has been given access to divine will and chooses to go against it, then that being will fall again. Unfortunately, this is what is happening to a lot of people on this planet right now so use your discernment! -Sabrina © RAISEYOURVIBRATION.COM

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