Anger, Regret and Fear Attract Negative Energies To Us. By Sabrina Reber


Anger, Regret and Fear attract negative energies to us; especially when these lower vibrations are held within our energy fields over a long period of time.

These energies have value in that they present “learning opportunities” for the evolution of our soul. When these energies arise; it is best to feel them, and allow them to move through our being without holding onto them and feeding them with our attention ~ mainly our words, thoughts, feelings and emotions. The idea is to observe and feel them so we can extract light from our darkness without us indulging or repressing these negative energies into our beings.

Feel the energies of anger, regret and fear rising in your being…..notice they are present, and then shift your focus of energy towards what you do want and not what you don’t want. We must LEARN to become conscious and observant of our energy. Wherever our attention goes… flows so if we are focused on anger, regret and fear we will create more of it for ourselves and attract external energies that feed off of these vibrations. These external energy forms can wreak havoc in our lives and state of well being and they will remain with us until we take dominion over our state of consciousness and vibrational frequency.

It is important to feel these energies so we can release them, once they are released and our emotional body is calm we can then learn the lessons they are trying to us. If you try to figure out the lesson when your emotional body is imbalanced….your guidance will be distorted and you will most likely hold onto these energy forms and feed them. After you have given your self time to heal and you have balanced your emotional body ~ discover why you have attracted them. If you don’t, you will attract them again and again until you learn the lessons they are trying to present to you. Sometimes, the lesson is telling us we need to let go of situations, people and activities that continue to manifest anger within us. Angry people, angry places and activities where anger, fear and regret are present only generate more of the same energy. Oftentimes, our greatest power is the power of goodbye! Unfortunately, we are attached to what is familiar and we stay in energetic entanglements that really do not serve our growth or our highest good. Each one of us must learn to say goodbye….in fact ascension into the higher states of our consciousness is all about release and change! We must learn to let go of the things that hold us back from our souls growth into the higher vibrations where a heavenly stae of consciousness can be attained and ultimately sustained.

Take the medicine (lesson) but leave the pain (fear, regret and anger) behind. ~Sabrina Reber ©

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