Are Our Lives Pre-destined? By Sabrina Reber


QUESTION: Are our lives pre-destined, or if we are meant to travel in a particular path can anything we do always direct us there?

ANSWER: Our lives are not pre-destined because we have free will. However, we do set forth a plan and the soul will bring forth certain vibrations in their energy fields that will naturally attract certain qualities, lifestyles, jobs and people to them. For instance I have the vibration for art, writing, design, organizing etc… but I currently do not have the vibrations to be a singer, gymnast, mathematician etc. Our souls naturally desire to do the things we have vibrations for. I would never desire to be a math teacher in this lifetime because if I lack the vibration for it, it will be too hard for me to accomplish and my heart simply will not be into it.

In addition, as a soul we incarnate with certain attributes and spiritual guides that will help us fulfill our soul contracts. The genetic lineage we choose to incarnate into also plays a huge role in helping us fulfill our souls dreams. For instance, someone who wants to be an opera star will choose a family who is musically inclined and this soul will grow up surrounded around music and people who will help this soul be successful and master the art of opera. Another soul who wants to learn about the difficulties of poverty will incarnate into a family who struggles with abundance, lack and self worth issues. This soul will have the free will potential to learn from its family environment what “it does not want to do,” which can be the catalyst for the soul to transcend the poverty cycle pushing the soul into a different direction. However, because the soul has free will the soul can also choose to get stuck into the same patterns of its family, which will stifle the souls ability to manifest abundance. If this soul is able to break free from the confinements of its generational and karmic patterns this soul will create an energetic pathway for its entire genetic lineage to do the same. So just because this soul chose to learn about poverty does not mean this soul is suppose to remain in poverty for the rest of its life. All souls are meant learn and evolve from their current soul contracts into more expansive soul contracts. Contracts are constantly changing based on our evolution and level of our vibration or point of attraction. When we master a contract or soul lesson, our vibrations are raised, we gain more spiritual light and awareness and we attract new people, circumstances, events and even spiritual guides into our life that will continue to help us grow and expand. Contracts are fluid, not static and flow based on how we use our free will to transcend and master the self and our environment or not.

So our lives are not pre-destined but there are specific timelines, contracts and vibrations we bring in when we incarnate that will be the barometer for how our life unfolds. In addition, the soul has the choice to awaken to the fact that it can be proactive in its manifestation process or the soul can remain asleep to the fact that it is a creator being and can remain stuck in victim consciousness cruising on cruise control for the majority of its life. However, our guides and higher souls are always helping us to manifest our highest souls potential, but even they can not interfere in our free will if we choose to become absorbed in the fears of our egos. Regardless, every soul eventually masters the lessons that were put forth for them. However, it may take many lives for some of us to master our soul contracts and lessons depending on how proactive we choose to be. If we are in the “flow” and open to our higher souls intuitive guidance system, then our lives will naturally flow with greater ease – even when we are experiencing a challenging life circumstance that will help us evolve into something greater than what we were before. ~Sabrina

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