Ayahuasca Safety Precautions: By Sabrina Reber

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“You Do Not Need To Drink Ayahuasca In Order To Raise Your Vibration And Ascend Your Soul’s Consciousness.” My personal experience is that the sacred plant of ayahuasca will visit you when you are ready for this level of healing, and you will be called to participate. By your own free will choice, you will either accept or deny this call, and all is in perfect and divine order for you, regardless of your decision. Once again, “You Do Not Need To Drink Ayahuasca In Order To Raise Your Vibration And Ascend Your Soul’s Consciousness.” The “Raise Your Vibration Book” will guide you through the process of soul healing, transmutation and ascension. In fact, I would suggest you have a STRONG spiritual foundation before you even consider drinking ayahuasca. The “Raise Your Vibration” book will help you gain a deeper understanding of your self and the distorted energies within your being, such as the ego and shadow consciousness, that will come to the surface for you to acknowledge while you are under the influence of the ayahuasca medicine.

Before you begin this article, I suggest you first read “What Is Ayahuasca And Why Would You Want To Consider Experiencing It”



Ayahuasca is an ancient medicine, used as a religious sacrament for spiritual healing (which is TRUE healing) that has been used in the indigenous cultures of the Amazon for thousands of years. Throughout history, ayahuasca has not shown any apparent negative consequences as long as the medicine is taken within specific dietary and other preparatory guidelines. The medicine has been used by humans for several centuries, which substantially exceeds the standards of contemporary drug companies and their short lived drug approval studies from the FDA and other regulatory agencies.

Ayahuasca is a powerful, intelligent medicine and she must be approached with great respect. Before you choose to work with ayahuasca, it is wise to do your research and also develop a deeper understanding of who you are as a multidimensional/multi-energy type of being. Anyone who has ever taken ayahuasca can attest to the fact that it is not a pleasurable, recreational experience. People oftentimes find themselves immersed in visuals of the very things they have been avoiding within their own psyche. This forced confrontation may bring personal struggle, challenge, agony and emotional turmoil intermixed with periods of great revelation, profound love, bliss and ecstasy. Because of this, it is possible for individuals to experience significant psychological stress, moderately increasing both heart rate and diastolic blood pressure while they are under the influence of the plant medicine. Anyone who has had a history of severe mental disorder or heart disease should approach ayahuasca with extreme caution….in fact some of the medicines you may be taking have severe contraindications with the ayahuasca medicine and can not be taken together. Please do your research, talk to your doctor and the people at your chosen ayahuasca center before you ingest ayahuasca. A reliable ayahuasca sanctuary will do a health screening of you through an application process before you are allowed to drink the medicine. With that in mind, through the honesty of the ayahuasca plant spirit, profound healing and closure to many of your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual burdens can be totally healed and overcome.

Ayahuasca is a psychoactive drug that HEALS…..it is medicine. The spirit of Ayahuasca is a divine intelligence that moves through the organs of the body at a cellular level deeply purging toxins, parasites and energies that no longer serve us. The plant medicine also moves through the multidimensional layers of the energy field untangling the energetic knots (blocks) liberating yourself from stored fears, pain, regret, guilt, unforgiveness, sadness, anger and rage. The energetic blocks and toxins are released through the act of “purging.” You will vomit and diarrhea all the illness, dis-ease, sickness and discordant energies out of your body. It takes great strength, courage and commitment to your healing path ~ which is the spiritual path ~  to embark on the ayahuasca journey. In fact, many people will never accept the call to ingest ayahuasca because the shadow self (the place that holds our secrets) will tell us we do not have discordant energies or anything to heal within ourselves….and the ego will work with our shadow consciousness in an attempt to protect us from facing and healing the very things within us that keep us blocked and separated from our I AM presence. So Ayahuasca is not a “short cut”….meaning you do not get to skip over all of your issues. Ayahuasca will make you face your stuff, so you can transcend it, heal it and release it. Everything you have hidden within the subconscious parts of your being will be brought to the surface for you to review…..you will not be able to hide from it anymore. Ayahuasca is not a short cut, but it is an accelerated, fast track to deep soul healing and transformation. Because of this you need to make sure you are emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually prepared to take the medicine. Ayahuasca is a divine intelligence that works directly with your higher selves and your I AM presence. They know exactly what they are doing and they know ~ more than you consciously do ~ what you need. The more you surrender to the process and BREATHE….the easier and more profound the level of healing will occur for you. In addition, you hopefully will have chosen a shaman and a group of ayahuasca helpers who will be there to support and nurture you on your journey……you are never alone.


1. You have a severe heart problem, heart disease or chronic high blood pressure.

2. You have a history of psychosis or mental health disorder.

3. You are pregnant.

4. You are taking an SSRI or an MAOI antidepressant. Also St. Jonh’s Wart.

5. Be aware of certain foods, especially those that have naturally occurring MAOI’s in them (tyramine). (That is why the specialized  ayahuasca diet before you arrive is important!)   Click this link to be taken to a food and drug list:   http://www.ayahuasca.com/information-discussion/foods-and-meds-to-avoid-with-maois/

6. Certain drugs are contraindicated like cold medicines, diet pills, high blood pressure medicines, marijuana, illegal recreational drugs, caffeine, alcohol etc. For a more detailed list click on one of these links:



7. Do not purchase Ayahuasca off of the internet or from an undisclosed source. Remember, everything is energy….depending on how the plant has been treated by its “handlers” will determine the level of vibration and the INTENTION that has been infused in the plant medicine. Some people are not aligned with the light of healing and are more focused on making money. Also, there are plant medicines that teach “lessons from the dark” and you certainly do not want anything other than the highest most pure, light filled ingredients put into your plant medicine. USE YOUR DISCERNMENT and make sure the medicine you receive is of the highest integrity and has been treated with great respect.

8. Do not do ayahuasca alone. I would advice you to NEVER do the ayahuasca plant medicine alone or even with a group of people who do not have at least 1 very well respected Master Shaman to hold safe space for you, offer protection and release the discordant energies. A master shaman is oftentimes called a “maestro” or a “curandero” which means “healer” in Spanish. Their powers are considered supernatural, as it is commonly believed that many illnesses are caused by lost malevolent spirits or energies we have created ourselves or attracted to us. Look for a shaman with “integrity and experience.” I personally would never do ayahuasca in a group setting unless there were at least 2 maestros, 1 shaman in training and 2 assistants available. Ayahuasca is unpredictable, meaning that you do not know which energetic layer in your being is being brought forth to be healed. At some point on your journey….you will need support and assistance and you absolutely will need protection from outside energies at all times.


Ayahuasca needs to be done in a safe, sacred space with a shaman who has INTEGRITY and EXPERIENCE. There are many different levels and kinds of shamans. Some shamans have not been trained to administer ayahuasca. Look for a Maestro, a Curandero or a Ayahuasca Shaman. In addition, ayahuasca has become so popular it has become big business and there are many people claiming to be shamans who are not. They are more focused on making money than providing a safe, sacred, nurturing and healing environment. There are also a a group of beings called “Brujos” who masquerade as shamans, but they are actually black magicians with powers who are energy vampires or predators…who will steal your energy. A maestro, curandero or ayahuasca shaman will have spent a MINIMUM of 5 years (oftentimes 10) within the jungle working directly with a master shaman learning how to communicate with the plant spirits, how to sing sacred icaro’s songs, how to prepare and purify the plant medicines, how to hold safe sacred space during the plant medicine ceremonies and also how to assist people in the clearing of negative energies/entities. There are also apprenticeship shamans or a “dietero” who may work with you in a ceremony while they work directly with their maser teacher shaman. The Dieteros undergo a rigorous initiation process of sexual abstinence, strict diet/fasting, as well as, numerous ceremonies of drinking ayahuasca themselves and participating in a large amount of ceremonies where they work directly with the maestro shaman in holding sacred ceremony for others and learning all of the shamanic traditions for healing and plant communication.

1. Look for a Shaman who has integrity and experience. A Maestro, Curandero or Ayahuasca Shaman. Seek out testimony from others and look for reviews.

2. For the most authentic, healing experience… travel to a place where the ayahuasca plant grows. It originated in the Western parts of the Amazon, but it has been transported to a variety of other places such as Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Libya, Bolivia, Panama, Orinoco of Venezuela and Hawaii. When you ingest the plant medicine in a place where the ayahuasca vine and chacruna plant actually grow you have the added support of the elementals and plant spirits within the jungle/forest. You also are receiving a more pure, fresh product which will give you the greatest healing attributes.

3. Choose a place where they accept you based on a “health” application process. A reliable retreat will screen you to make sure you do not have any health problems that could be problematic. Ayahuasca is a medicine that heals, but you need to be honest about your health conditions so the center can be prepared for possible side effects. Some illnesses are not worth the risk.

4. Choose a place that requires you to begin a specific diet before you arrive and also one that maintains a strict “shamanic dieta” while you are on the ayahuasca plant medicine. One of the main foods to eliminate is SALT. The shamanic dieta typically consists of no salt, no modern chemicals, no sugar, no vinegar or fermented foods, no spices , no fats, no dairy, no caffeine or stimulants, no alcohol, no red meat, no pork…..no sex.

5. Research, research, research….and ask your higher self to guide you to a place where you will receive the highest level of healing with the greatest amount of spiritual protection and care that you can receive. Also, contact the retreats and ask questions….their tone and willingness to answer questions and offer guidance and support will be a pre-indicator of how you will be treated at their facilities. Many retreats will send you an information packet or even an e-book that will answer all of your questions. There are MANY reputable Ayahuasca retreats! Use your discernment, research and then trust that you will be guided to the right one for you.

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