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“We bought this book a while back and we love it! We have read it numerous times – it feels new every time I read it! Wonderful, wonderful book! Very, very helpful in so many areas of life!” ~Margilyn Valle

“I absolutely love your book. I have to say it is the best spiritual book I have ever read…and I’ve read a lot!! I am telling everyone about it. I am now living from my God self and it is truly remarkable. Your book couldn’t be more perfect for my spiritual journey. Truly resonates with my soul. Thank you for sharing your Divine insight and gift of writing.”  ~ Rachel Roel

“This book is an amazing work of Spirit. It gives us the “bigger picture” and then brings it right down to the cellular level. It’s as though it has been channeled for the celestial speed up.” ~ Betty Morelli

“Thank God for your incredible gift of transforming spiritual wisdom into practical advice! Each chapter I read of your amazing book feels as though it is reawakening a part of my soul, reminding me of my own inner guidance I had long forgotten. You are truly are a Blessing to us all” ~Simone Denmeade

“This book will help change your life!” ~ Sharon Donahue Moore

“This is one of the best spiritual guides I have read! I encourage anyone who is looking to grow spiritually to order it!” ~Valerie Buchalet

“Your book tingles in my hands as I read it” ~ Sarah Beauvais Kerr

“I received your book! I’m very grateful, thank you! While holding it, I can feel the energy start vibrating, tingling and moving through me! From my hands up to my elbows, and down through my legs to my feet! Amazing! Having a copy gives me a tangible resource to refer back to as I please. I have already learned so much from your work, it has helped me stop and reflect about my “inner” environment, as well as, the impact it has with the “outside”…which are the same. Thank you again!” ~Jennifer Roukey

“Your book is so right on! I couldn’t stop reading it once I started. It has become an excellent book of reference in my personal and consulting career. I felt a vibration (maybe your vibe) while holding the book. Thank you, keep spreading the LOVE.” ~Norma Cardenas

“You are a Universal treasure. I have learned so much just by reading your posts – getting your book was one of the best things I’ve ever done!”   ~Kim Thompson

“I love this book so much I can’t even allow anyone to borrow it because I am always referring to it when questions arise, and the answers are always there! I think I even have some of it memorized by now!! Thanks so much Sabrina for bringing us this important information in such a well-thought out way!” ~ Catherine Adam Vinson

“The best book in the world, I love it! Thank you for all that you share with other’s…it’s so amazing your book!!!” ~ Molly McCulloch Lawson

“I just received my copy, I can feel the energy in my hands holding the book, I can’t put it down it’s everything I feel and want to know thank you for this amazing gift.” ~Debra Crow

“I just wanted to say that this book has changed my life and my families life dramatically in such a short time. My 16 year old daughter told my husband how how much I helped her in a few situations. We have all become so much more loving and it started with me. I got this book for my birthday and it was the best gift I ever got. My husband told me the other day I don’t know what your doing but don’t stop. I really understand what you mean when you heal yourself you heal the world because the changes in me have effected the people around me.” ~ Sandra Hyde

“Your book is amazing, thank you for beautifully expressing in words souls’ experience. I always feel energized, enlightened and loved when I read your book. Everything you talk about resonates with me deeply. Grateful!” ~ Leanna Lapidus

“I started reading your book this week and I’m up to chapter 20 ….It has changed my whole life. I am beginning to become that person I like and want to be. I was in despair with what I had done to my own life through my actions and re actions …I now feel like a completely different person. I continue to work on myself and I know I will become better and better.” ~Wendy Hiern

“We are so thrilled to have found you! Or did you find us?? We have read your book over and over again – you have enlightened us, and helped us on our journey – we are finding our “truth”. ~ Margilyn Valle

“This book is AMAZING. It was not only placed in my life for a reason with perfect timing, it is also everything I would imagine in a “one stop shop” book! I really hope you are succeeding with this book on the level that you should be! Either way, you’ve immensely enhanced the lives of people who have been fortunate enough to come across it. Keep up the great work!!” ~Dana Kelly Love

“I have been sharing your work with friends/colleagues; they are so impressed with the spiritual growth I am experiencing so rapidly. I have always felt a slight hurdle that I could not over come. With your teachings I am embracing my shadow side and completely releasing that which no longer serves me. Definitely a life changing tool on so many levels, thank you Sabrina! ” ~Cindy Galvao

“I read from this book each night before sleeping. This is an amazing work and the changes in my life are miraculous. It’s the best thing I’ve ever found to guide me toward wholeness. Thank you!” ~Tammy Johnson

“Your book is wonderful! I encourage everyone to read it! I have been on this path for many years. It can only lead to heaven on Earth; and is already happening in many ways. The time is now! This wisdom is essential to everyones growth. What took me years to learn by reading many books, attending lectures, classes, etc. is right here in one book! Thank you Sabrina for such a wonderful body of Wisdom! ~Terri Rose

“Its an amazing book. Highly recommended. I felt like every sentence I read made so much sense and each sentence took me to another level of understanding. One of my favorite books for sure.” ~ Casey Kirgis

“Somehow, Sabrina, you’ve managed to keep it real and make sense out of something that is difficult to articulate. You’ve kept it short, concise and easy to digest. This book is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you so much!” ~ Kim Thompson

“This book will raise your vibration! It is a gift, and is filled with spiritual truth. I LOVE my copy!  ~Louisa Patterson

“I’ve read hundreds of books looking to answers to age old questions; this book is nothing short of a miracle, it is filled with thought provoking messages, and deep insightful spiritual wisdom. Truly a gem for the ages…I have done more healing in the first 15 pages than I have in ten years on my healing journey! I feel deep changes occurring for me at every level. Thank you Sabrina…truly a blessing!” ~ Cindy Galvao

“It sure is the most excellent book I have ever read…..I am an avid reader.” ~ Urmill Wadhwa

“I received your book recently and I am absolutely soaking it up. So far, everything I’ve read is what I have been learning about for the past 2 years. And it’s all in one place – your book! It resonates amazingly with me. Thank you so much for writing it!” ~ Susan C. Snyder

“I just got your book and I love your words so much! You are an angel. I really felt a powerful shift with the chapter on forgiveness. I am so very grateful for you and your teachings. Much Love to you and your glorious work.” ~ Mary Ann Krupka

“I Absolutely LOVE this book. I have read many self help/metaphysical/new age..just about the gamut of them all. But this one….it’s a stand out and I cannot recommend it enough! Worth the price tag!” ~ Tracy Cox

“An insightful and accurate offering about spirituality and who we really are. Everyone should read this book. It’s an excellent primer to help prepare for and attain higher states of consciousness and the shifts coming in the New Age. Thank you, Sabrina!” ~ Sandra Lavangeles

“Awesome, awesome Book! I can’t get pass the first 10 pages. I just wanna keep reading what I already read!”  ~Delilah Lassiter

“I am reading this book now and agree fully with the above comment… I have a library of books and this is right up there with the best of the best” ~ Heather Vallee-Knoblauch

“I just got this book-I can not put it down!” ~ Connie Wolbaum

“I just wanted to tell you that you’re book is absolutely so spot-on with regards to the ascension process we are all undergoing. It is so easy to read, no mumbo-jumbo, gives clear “how-to” guidance, and raises my vibe every time I sit down to read it. I am recommending it to all in my life who I think are ready for the change. Thanks for writing this gem!” ~ Brad Barnoski

“Thank you so much – I started reading my copy last week and every sentence leaves me breathless… it’s like the light is finally coming on.” ~Michelle Fairbrother

“Id like to thank you for putting this book together, sometimes I can feel alone on my path to light, but not now that I have your book and blog, I can always find an answer.” Ebony Hogan

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