Feelings, Emotions And Thoughts Work In Unison But Come From Different Places Within Our Being. By Sabrina Reber


QUESTION: I’ve always been told a feeling or an emotion is a direct result of a thought. However, after reading the chapter about “Connecting To Your Feelings” in the “Raise Your Vibration” book, it says feelings are core sensations in the body, and they are not created from the mind. How do I know when Im experiencing a feeling to be released or I’m just creating the emotion from a thought. I cry a lot. I just want to know if I am the reason, or is it energy being released? Can I proactively do anything about this?

ANSWER: Feelings are core sensations in the body from your soul that are telling you something needs to be addressed/healed within your being. These feelings may be physical heart ache because you have been deeply hurt by an expression of unlove from your self or from someone else or the feeling of a rapid heart beat because you are in fear. You may experience the feeling of a tight, restricted throat because you are unable to speak your truth – all of these examples are feelings or core sensations in the body that come from the soul not from the mind. You can literally FEEL your feelings.

Emotions are energy in motion, and they always have a thought attached. At this time on the planet we are evolving from 3rd dimensional consciousness into 5th dimensional consciousness. We are in the process of LEARNING how to emote (not react) our feelings in a grounded, loving balanced way. We are also becoming aware of how damaging it is to our soul and overall well being to suppress our feelings by not dealing with our pain when it arises. Crying is a very powerful, positive way to release stored feelings by emoting them through the action of crying where the soul is given time and permission to release the stored pain, which will provide healing. Tears are expressions of the soul. They are oftentimes painful feelings that the soul can not express with words, and it is grace in action if we allow our feelings to be put into motion to be emoted so they can be released from our being.

Uncontrolled negative mind chatter or repetitive thoughts are byproducts of the ego or wounded inner child. Oftentimes, the repetitive thoughts are based on illusion ~ distorted beliefs, victim consciousness, blame, judgment etc. In order to truly heal, it is wise to take dominion over our mind chatter and all the thoughts that are running wild paying close attention to the truthful feelings of our inner being. Our repetitive mind chatter is an alarm going off telling us to pay attention to what is really going on within. The mind chatter is the ego or the little wounded child who is hurt and afraid and will keep us from our highest good. The ego’s mind chatter keeps us in the world of illusions by keeping our attention on the negative beliefs from our painful past in order to try and protect us from encountering any pain in the future. Unfortunately, our attention to our repetitive negative thoughts attracts more negative experiences to us, which becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. We will receive rapid healing when we step out of the mind and tune into our feeling natures. Through the process of allowing ourselves to feel our feelings fully, so we can emote them, we will release any negative emotional energies within our being. This conscious action will also silence our negative mind chatter because there will be no need for an alarm to go off signaling that there is something we need to address.

Our feelings, emotions and thoughts work in unison although they do not all come from the same place. Feelings come from the soul and are core sensations in the body. Emotions always have a thought attached and are the action of energy in motion. If we can silence our negative thoughts and really tune into our FEELINGS then we will be able to process through our pain by allowing ourselves to emote the negativity within, by FEELING our feelings. If we do not allow ourselves time and space to feel our feelings then the negative mind chatter will increase and emotions will begin to build up and get stored in our energy fields which will lead to continued problems in our future and sometimes dis-ease in the body.

So when strong emotions or negative thoughts arise, the best thing to do is to drop into the body and figure out how you FEEL. Bring your self fully into the NOW moment and bring your consciousness into your body. Ask your self how you feel; a thought will arise and is a reflection of wounded feelings and emotions that need to be emoted and released from your being so you can take the medicine (lesson) and leave the pain behind. Thoughts, feelings and emotions all work together….increased mind chatter is an alarm that something needs to be addressed within your being.  ~Sabrina


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