Forgiveness is For You. It Is About Your Freedom From The Other Persons Energy Regardless If You Continue To Have A Relationship With Them Or Not. By Sabrina Reber


Question on Forgiveness

QUESTION: I was working with my healer and she said what is hindering my progress and success is that I needed to forgive my mother for all the emotional things that she put me through and the things that she use to say to me when I was little. How do I do this, how do I begin to forgive some one that is gone, out of my life. She said that when I finally forgive that many of the blocks will be removed from my path. I don’t know how to start!. Can you actually forgive someone who is not near you or you are not able to speak to?

ANSWER: Forgiveness has nothing to do with your relationship or lack of relationship with your mom. Forgiveness is not for her, forgiveness is for “YOU”.

Your Mom may have done terrible to things to you, but you have grown through these difficulties, evolved your soul, and are choosing to ascend your consciousness. In fact, it was most likely your “PAIN” that led you to step out of the box of the mass consciousness into a new way of thinking and being so you could heal your self and evolve out of these karmic generational patterns. Give yourself a big hug for the courage your soul had to choose your Mom as one of your parents to help you break out of your karmic patterns so you could ascend.

Your Mom has actually been your greatest teacher, as she has shown you how “not to be” as a Mom and as a person. So honor her for that role, and forgive her for her lack of awareness and consciousness because it is her lack of awareness and consciousness that has made you conscious.

Always remember; hurt people, hurt people. I am sure she too is in a lot of pain, but has not been able to break through her karmic generational behavioral patterns. However, perhaps this most recent lifetime with you, and the boundaries you have set, will help her breakthrough. Because truth be told, it is the “children” that are the greatest teachers to the parents….but not many parents will accept this fact. Therefore, the healing and forgiveness you do on your self will help your whole genetic lineage.

In addition, I want to add that we do not have to learn through painful experiences, but I have found that the most profound lessons do arise from our pain “IF” we are willing to go within, look at our stored emotions, feelings and beliefs and fully accept them as part of our creation so we can finally release them. If we are in blame, we leak our power to transform and we are unable to heal our own energy because we project everything outside of ourselves. Given the intensity of light filled energies on our planet right now, all of our hidden subconscious emotions and beliefs are coming to the surface for final releasement. If we resist, we will suffer.

We do not have to be in a relationship with someone to forgive them, in fact they do not even have to be in physical incarnation. We can forgive and send them love from a physical distance; especially if we feel they will continue to fragment and harm our soul energy. However, we must forgive them so we can move forward with our own soul’s ascension. Unforgiveness will absolutely hold you back, but so will continuing an emotional relationship with someone who is abusive. Forgiveness has nothing to do with your relationship with them, but it has everything to do with the relationship you have with your SELF. Forgive them, so you can set yourself free from their energy. Any unforgiveness on your part will keep you energetically entangled with their energy, and I am sure that is not what you want to do… because their energy will block you and create static interference with your alignment with your higher soul self.

There are many things you can do to help you through this process. Meditation, prayer, self honesty (what you resist, persists), journaling to release your emotions, energetic healers (reiki, dna theta, pranic), plant medicines, yoga etc…..will all be valuable resources to accelerate your healing. Most importantly, please remember that deep trauma and soul fragmentation will take time to forgive. It will NOT happen overnight…instant forgiveness is called ” stuffing it”…….brushing it under the rug, and it will only create dis-ease and illness.

Forgiveness requires effort and constant observation of your thoughts and feelings that arise throughout your day. Be aware of your self, be honest and honor your self…..most importantly love your self. When you finally step into love and compassion for your self; you will be able to give love and compassion to others even if you choose not to have a relationship with them. Always remember… are here to evolve YOUR SOUL. You are not here to evolve anyone else. You can help them, but you can not carry them. However, when you heal your soul, you actually open up energetic pathways for your genetic lineage to heal their soul as well. Heal your self so set you can set your self free, and your soul mates will have the free will choice to follow the genetic clearing path you set up or not. ~Sabrina

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