Humanity Is Moving Into Adulthood And Merging Into Oneness With Their Higher Souls: By Sabrina Reber



This art represents the stages of evolution humans have been undergoing for a very long time. The seven stages of mans development deals with the seven physical human chakras. Once each chakra has matured and been purified the kundalini energy at the base of our spine will rise and remove the veils (7 seals) that have been placed over them so each chakra can be activated where we will merge into oneness with our true selves or higher/spiritual/god selves. Humanity at this time is reaching adulthood where we are not only purifying ourselves but we are learning how to master ourselves and truly become the God beings we really are.

QUESTION: As I understand it, we are entering a 26,000 year cycle of being in the photon belt, after 26,000 years of being outside the photon belt in the dark ages. If so, we are at the infancy of awakening but there seems to be an urgency to move to 4D and to 5D. What is the urgency that your Facebook page and others seem to be speaking of? If people can’t remain here on earth in 3D then wouldn’t that take time, several generations perhaps to transcend?

ANSWER: We are not in the infancy of awakening. We are on the cusp of a huge spiritual awakening where humanity is merging into oneness with their higher soul transcending our 3D, egoic, duality consciousness. In order to get to this place of Oneness, the karmic energy in our chakra systems needs to be balanced and purified which has taken us many, many lifetimes to heal and transcend. The grand awakening has been going on within us for quite some time so many of us are not in the infancy stages. We are actually entering into adulthood where we are not only purifying our residual karmic imprints, we are also learning how to master the self so we can move fully out of our fear filled 3D consciousness and into 4D and 5D states of consciousness where we will activate and expand our divine luminous wisdom/light bodies.

3D, 4D and 5D are dimensions within the human being. We are multidimensional! These are not necessarily places, they are states of consciousness or ways of living and being. Right now the planet is in a state of flux because we have some people resonating more strongly with the fear of 3D consciousness while others are evolving and vibrating within 4D and 5D states of consciousness. When humanity as a whole  merges into oneness with their higher souls, we will all be resonating mostly in 5D consciousness which is reflective of oneness, peace, love, joy and bliss. However, there will be times we slip back into 3D and 4D consciousness while we learn to sustain and fully integrate the 5D consciousness and energies of our higher soul fully into our being. So yes, FULL  integration of 5D consciousness for everyone on the planet will take time and many generations.

However, the potential for people to merge into ONENESS with their higher soul is occurring now. It is happening in waves of people as the intensified LIGHT from the photon belt, the galactic center and the inner Earth awakens each soul to step into their power, accept responsibility for their life and begin the process of soul purification so they can release the darkness within that dims their light and keeps them from their truth. The urgency  you see on my Raise Your Vibration Facebook page and so many others comes from those of us who have already had a direct experience of merging into Oneness with our Higher Soul. This experience changes you in a very direct, real way! When it occurs you will understand the quote “For once I was blind, but now I see.” You will feel and understand true unconditional love. You will be shown that all the pain on this planet has occurred because we have allowed ourselves to become so disconnected from our true natures that we have forgotten who we truly are. You will also understand that everything that has ever happened to you was a stepping stone to get you to this exact moment where you RE-MEMBER and awaken your self to your self.  In this moment of kundalini spiritual awakening  where your dormant creator energy uncoils from the root chakra and moves upwards – activating each chakra along its way – you are in a state of ecstatic bliss, agape love, divine power, a sense of timelessness and absolute oneness with all that is. It is a profound, life changing moment that is being gifted to those who choose to surrender to the transformational process of soul alchemy or soul ascension that is being brought forth in a very accelerated manner on Earth at this time. And it is this shift in consciousness, that will catapult this planet into the next stages of evolution that are part of the divine plan.

This 26,000 year cycle comes around only so often for the masses to awaken and merge into oneness with their true selves. Kundalini awakening, which is what occurs when we merge into oneness with our higher soul, can occur at anytime for a soul who has purified its system even during the “dark ages” when we are not in the christed light of the photon belt. However, our planet has positioned itself in an intense band of light where accelerated growth and merging into oneness is much easier for a soul to attain because we are fully supported by the crystalline light of the photonic energies and expanded portals on Earth that are receiving and emitting a higher frequency ushering in the era of peace. Those of us who have merged into oneness know that the healing of the planet begins when each person accepts responsibility for the healing of the self. We also know that soul ascension and merging into oneness with the higher soul is a free will choice and it is not a free ride! Although the light filled energies on the Earth are intensified, we can choose to not receive them and not make the changes in our life these light filled energies bring forth. If we refuse to integrate the light, our lives will become increasingly chaotic and we will find it difficult to remain on Earth. The Creator Of All That Is and the Earth are fully committed to humanity’s evolution because the Earth needs us to evolve out of our current state of consciousness into a higher state of consciousness so we will stop destroying her body. A cataclysmic event that could purge the planet has been denied. For those of us wanting to continue to live and incarnate on this beautiful planet, we are being called forth to purge all the distorted energies within our being so we can co-create the new Earth. No one is going to create for us, we are co-creator beings and we are being call forth to step up, rise in vibration and allow our higher soul to merge with the physical body so our god selves can work through us. Our human egos have been in control for too long and it is time for our higher souls to come forward and take dominion over our lower self behaviors that create pain and destruction on Earth. This is part of our divine mission and souls evolution to merge into oneness, bringing our heaven (spiritual consciousness) here down on Earth so we can evolve this planet back into a state of abundance, balance, peace and harmony.

For those souls who do not want to evolve in consciousness and would rather live in a 3D environment so they can learn more about fear and duality will simply choose to exit Earth and their souls will reincarnate somewhere else where a 3D state of consciousness is more prevelent. Like attracts like, so wherever our souls vibrational frequency is vibrating is where we will choose to go. This is a valid choice! Not all souls are ready to face the self and heal the self. Some souls need to be in denial and in the darkness of their egos for an extended period of time to help them learn through painful lessons what they want and don’t want in their life. However, my work is focused on those who have made the decision to ascend and for those souls who are struggling with their lower self and higher self about which free will decision they want to make. The more information that is released helping people to understand what is going on, within and around them, the more comforting it is to the egoic mind so people can make better sense of things and release a lot of the fears that go along with rapid change and acceleration. So any urgency you may feel from my messages is actually coming from within your own inner being. The Raise Your Vibration messages are  filled with light and will activate soul knowing within you that empower you to break free from the enslavement program of duality so you can  merge into oneness and attain your souls highest potential at this most auspicious time on Earth. ~Sabrina

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