I Have Surrendered Everything To God. Now What Do I Do? By Sabrina Reber


QUESTION: I have surrendered everything to God. Now what do I do?

ANSWER: Many people think to surrender means to turn everything over to God/dess and to sit back and let God/dess do all the work for us. However, to surrender means to surrender our ego and the limitations and negativities it has created within our being. To surrender truly means means to heal the distortions and energetic blocks within our being so we can merge into ONENESS with our higher self so God/dess can work directly through us. To surrender means to be in the flow of our divine creator energies so we can co-create with God/dess fulfilling the divine plan here on Earth.

Surrender, like everything else, is a process. Like forgiveness and ascension of the soul, surrender takes time and is one of the many steps the soul will undergo as it begins to resonate more with the spiritual dimensions of its being. As we face God/dess, we face the self and all of the limitations and negativities within our being that must be brought to the surface so we can SEE them and transcend them. In order to SEE our imperfections, we will need to surrender to our higher self and God/dess through the spiritual practice of meditation so we can open up our spiritual eyes. Meditation is an act of surrender because we use our free will to take time to withdraw our attention away from the busyness (bus-i-ness) of our physical reality, focusing our consciousness on something greater than what our physical senses can currently comprehend. The act of meditation is an act of trust, faith, surrender and divine love because we are truly desiring to connect and commune with something bigger than ourselves, and we believe through the act of this surrender that we will strengthen our relationship with God/dess.

When we use our own free will to take special time out of our day to build a relationship with our higher soul and God/dess, we will begin to clear out the energetically blocked tubes and channels to the spiritual dimensions within our being. This will also open and activate our spiritual glands and dormant dna that has been cut off for many, many lifetimes which kept our consciousness focused solely only the physical dimension where we looked away from God/dess and the spiritual aspects of life. Looking away from our truth, as spiritual beings having a temporary human experience, desensitized us from seeing, feeling and communing with the multidimensional aspects of our higher beings that are directly connected to the Creator Of All That Is. It will take time and daily surrender to unblock and clear away the static interference we have created within our energetic systems.

To surrender means to recognize who we are. We are divine aspects, extensions of the Creator Of All That Is. We are God/dess in human form. By surrendering our selves to daily meditation we will be able to ascend our soul into the higher vibrating spiritual dimensions within our being. Accessing our higher vibrational energy will help us heal the lower self distortions, fears, insecurities and doubts so we can expand into greater versions of our selves. As each layer is healed new layers will surface for us to transcend. Limitations and distortions that were hidden from our awareness will rise up,  and we will once again need to face our fears surrendering them to God/dess so we can access an even higher level of consciousness within our being that will help us fulfill our highest souls potential.

Surrender is the process of dying to ones self. By surrendering the negative energies of our ego and shadow consciousness we will be able to claim more of our higher self energies so we can tap into a higher level of consciousness. A higher level of spiritual energies will give us more creator abilities as we learn to use our higher consciousness in ways that do not go against universal laws. The more we are in alignment with universal laws, the more LIGHT we receive to create and help us fulfill God’s divine plan on Earth. For it is through us, the Creator is able to expand and grow into something greater than it was before. So to fully surrender to God/dess means to fully merge into ONENESS with our higher soul so “our will” and the Creator’s will become ONE working in unison together to CREATE.

Here Are A Few Steps To Help You SURRENDER:

  1. Recognize yourself as a divine extension of God/dess.
  2. Know that because you are connected to God/ddess, through your own free will, you can claim a deeper relationship with the truth of who you really are.
  3. Dedicate a portion of your day to the surrender of meditation so you can spend time in loving communion with your soul, higher soul, guides/ angels and God/dess.
  4. Become an observer of your lower self and be willing to SEE your self so you can transcend your lower self behaviors. For we can not heal anything within our being if we are not aware of it.
  5. Become aware of universal laws such as karma, law of attraction, law of surrender, law of belief, law of as above so below, law of cause and effect, etc. When you understand these laws you will be able to apply them into your life.
  6. Understand that to surrender is an action to let go and let God/dess work through you. In order to truly allow God/dess to work through you, you will need to do spiritual work to open up the flow of spiritual energies and spiritual grace to flow through your entire chakra system.
  7. Accept where you are right here right NOW. If you don’t accept where you are right NOW, you will keep your self in denial and you will not be able to change your NOW moment into a better future. What we resist, persists so release the need to resist what is. Observe your NOW moment regardless if it is positive or negative and know that you can grow and evolve from it.
  8. Have faith, trust and KNOWING that if you utilize your free will to surrender and heal your lower self to your higher self then you will eventually have a direct experience of your God self flowing through you through the very powerful event of kundalini awakening.

Kundalini Awakening is a huge part of Surrendering. We must learn to surrender to divine timing with absolutely no attachment to when this will occur for us. We must have faith and focused attention that it will occur simply through the process of turning our free will towards union with our divine will through the process of meditation and soul healing. Being proactive in our souls ascension in consciousness is mandatory, for we can can not raise our vibrational frequency by focusing solely on the physical dimension. We must climb the mountain of self and raise our consciousness to the higher vibrating dimensions within our self so we can access our truth and reclaim our sovereignty here on Earth. For assistance with your soul’s ascension journey, you may be interested in the “RAISE YOUR VIBRATION” book. Click here to be taken to the bookstore: http://raiseyourvibration.com/store/



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