Indecision Creates Pain And Suffering. By: Sabrina Reber


The energy of indecision leads us into the void of our egoic mind chatter where doubt and insecurity thrive. An uncontrolled mind will enslave us with so much fear we will become numb and complacent. Our energy will be so unfocused and scattered it will be difficult to receive clear guidance from our soul.

When you are indecisive and scattered visualize pulling your energy in towards your body and bring your self fully into the NOW moment. Remind your self that there are no right or wrong choices. The Creator has gifted you with the Free Will to use your energy to create however you wish. In order to make the highest decision we must understand that all choices take us down the path of soul experience. Some decisions will guide us through our journey with ease and grace and others will be profound soul lessons for us to learn from.

The best way to make the highest decision for your self is to tune into your heart, and become the observer of your SELF. Watch your self from above, as if you were looking down on your self, and listen to the quite voices of the heart and inner core sensations of the body. How do you feel? Pay attention to your thoughts….if they are repetitive, loud and demanding, your emotional egoic mind chatter has stepped in. Remind your self that you are safe, and that all decisions will evolve your soul. When your emotional body has calmed down…..sit in stillness and feel your way to your decision. Decide…..and then stick with it. Align your energy with your decision and do not allow the interference of other people or your egoic mind chatter to intercede. Stay focused and keep moving in the direction you have chosen.  All is well. ~Sabrina

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ART BY: Jan Betts

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