John of God Crystal Healing Bed in Destin Florida

 The Transformational John of God Crystal Healing Bed
The John of God Crystal Healing Bed utilizes crystal therapy and light therapy to cleanse, energize and bring into balance our 7 main physical chakras. When our 7 main physical chakras are balanced – our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies are also brought into balance. The Crystal Healing Bed utilizes seven vogel cut crystals, selected by John of God, to cleanse and purify our beings which is equivalent to 7 pranic healers working on us at the same time. This is a very powerful and transformational healing device that helps us release stagnant, congested, distorted energies within our energy fields that disrupt our ability to attain a state of homeostasis within our beings. While you are on the Crystal Healing Bed, I remain in the room with you meditating with a male and female crystal John of God has provided for me to help me connect with the healing energies from his Healing Casa in Brazil. As I meditate and pray for you, I am utilized as a conduit for spiritual energies to move through my channels which I then direct to you so you can utilize them in your healing session.
Benefits of the JOG Crystal Healing Bed
* Chakra healing and balancing promotes an overall sense of well-being.
* Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing
* Clearing of etheric mucous due to stress and modern day lifestyle choices
* Removal of discordant energies that interfere with our balance and alignment
* Clearing of energetic blocks that block us from our joy and abundance
* Revitalization of life force energies
* Reduces stress, anxiety, depression and other negative emotions
* Reduces pain and promotes restful sleep, healing and relaxation
* Induces a deep meditative state where spiritual guidance can be attained
* Helps people connect more deeply with their soul, spirit and their God within
* 7 Vogel cut crystals combined with light therapy = 7 Pranic healers at once

COST: $50 for a 30 minute session  (This 30 minute service is FREE, when you schedule “most” of the other healing modalities/activations I offer.)

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