Meditation And The Black Dot. By: Sabrina Reber


As we begin to expand our consciousness through the spiritual practice of meditation we will eventually encounter “The Black Dot,” which is also called “The Blue Pearl”. This black dot will be seen in your spiritual eye area when your eyes are closed and will oftentimes vibrate. It will  rise to the surface of your minds eye and then disappear. This is a very positive sign of your vibrational frequency rising, and you reaching ever expanded states of your very own higher conscious.

Many people  may experience fear when they see the black dot and interpret it as negative. However, the black dot is simply the darkness you move through, the void before you enter into your LIGHT.  The black dot is actually a gateway, a portal, a tunnel to your higher soul. With continued meditation, the black dot will continue to intensify as the kundalini energies move through each chakra burning off the negative energies and karma that has blocked you from your truth. The black dot is an aspect of the coiled kundalini snake energy located at the base of your root chakra (dormant creator energy) that will rise in divine perfect timing up your spine eventually making it all the way through the spiritual eye center and into the crown chakra where you will experience very powerful, euphoric, blissful  sensations running through your body. It is important to stay in the receptive mode and not allow these strong vibrations to create fear within you. Your fear will stop the process.

When the black dot becomes very powerful and very large see if you can pierce through it. You pierce through it by first allowing it to exist , and also by concentrating on it and moving your consciousness through it. When you pierce through it, you will enter into a state of bliss where your lower self will merge into oneness with your higher self. The black dot or blue pearl is the original seed of consciousness that was inserted by your higher soul into your physical being and will lay dormant until the lower self decides from its own free will to ascend in consciousness so it can know itself better. ~Sabrina

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