My Experience With Mother Meera’s Darshan And Why You May Feel Called To Receive Her Blessings: By Sabrina Reber


I first found out about Mother Meera from my Master Pranic and Master DNA Theta Teacher. She was gathering a travel group to go see Mother Meera, and asked if I wanted to join them when Mother Meera returned to the United States for Darshan. I was told that Mother Meera is an Avatar being, an incarnation of the divine mother who blesses and heals in silence. She is one of many Divine Bringers Of The Light incarnated on the Earth at this most auspicious time to bring forth transformation as we move out of the dark ages and into the Golden Ages Of Light.

Mother Meera is a must see for a soul who is on the path of healing, which is really what soul ascension is all about. Be aware that the ego lies to us and tells us we don’t need healing, but for a soul that is on the initiate path; we can see right through the lies of our ego and we know our soul needs healing and continued light activations from sacred sites around the Earth, and from those beings who have already cleared the tubes and channels in their energy fields who can channel heightened levels of LIGHT through their physical being into the physical dimension. This is the true meaning of a Light Worker; someone who has activated the LIGHT within themselves by merging with their higher soul (kundalini activation). An activated being can call the LIGHT forward and direct it where it needs to go through the focused attention of their will that is aligned with divine will. Once the kundalini has risen and someone has merged into oneness, the divine can work through them. This is where human will and divine will become ONE.

There are many people on the Earth who have raised their kundalini and have become ONE with their higher soul light, and this is the true meaning of being reborn again. This is what is occurring all over the world as the great shift takes place and more crystalline LIGHT is dispersed to the Earth assisting people to awaken to the fact that they need to be proactive in their ascension journey. Once merged and activated by the LIGHT, your spiritual eye will open and you will begin to SEE clearly what needs to be addressed within your being. For once I was blind, but now I see takes on a whole new meaning. Many of the veils are removed from the chakra system and you are able to channel higher levels of spiritual energy. An ascending soul will need this extra spiritual energy so they can continue to transcend and heal the lower egoic and shadow selves.

The kundalini, dormant creator energy at the base of every human beings spine, rises in perfect divine timing and should never be forced. It rises when the soul has purified 51% of their karmic blocks in their chakra system. 51% of the energy cleared allows for a heightened level of divine spiritual energy from the root chakra to rise through the seven chakras purifying and activating them in preparation for the higher soul essence to come into the physical body and become ONE with the human being. This occurs when the vibrational frequency of the being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) has been raised high enough for the very high vibrational essence of the higher soul to safely enter and reside in the physical being. Once this occurs, you will forever be changed.

Many people complain of feeling lost, like they don’t belong here, claiming they want to go home. What they really desire is not to be somewhere else but to merge into ONENESS with their higher soul. They feel out of place because they are not in alignment with the truth of their being. If they truly desire to “be at home with themselves” they need to purify their chakra system so they can activate the LIGHT that resides in their high heart, attaining oneness with their divine self ~ “Home is where the Heart is.”  Once this occurs, soul knowingness and the strength to continue forward on the ascension journey is amplified as 49% of the karmic energy in the chakra system/energy field still needs to be purified. This is when ascending souls step into mastery as they are tested and placed in situations to see if they have really transcended the lower self. The remaining darkness is brought forward for us to see and heal and this is where Mother Meera and others can be of great assistance because they call forth the energy of grace, clear seeing, truth and divine love.

Mother Meera is not a mere light worker, like many of us reading this message. Mother Meera is an avatar being, a goddess, who specifically incarnated to bring forth the divine feminine LIGHT into this dimension. She has no karma or anything to work through, she is here on a mission. She is an ascended being, a bodhisattva who has chosen from her own free will to incarnate into physicality to bring forth divine love through the transmission of the divine LIGHT which is both masculine and feminine ~ androgynous in nature. Although she is a feminine representation of this LIGHT in physicality; her energy is very balanced, sweet, tender, kind, compassionate and soft. She brings forth the energy that we need during this time of great transformation.

If you have interest in visiting Mother Meera at one of her Darshans, know that it is a soul call. Honor it, make it happen for your self. She travels all over the world in complete dedication to offering these blessings. She says she can see the knots and tangles in our energetic system that impede our progress and she unties these knots and then looks into our eyes downloading divine LIGHT into our soul so the LIGHT can burn away what does not serve us in our energy fields.

My experience with Mother Meera was sweet and spiritually palpable. She is tiny, but radiates a big energetic impression. I really respect her dedication to transfer the LIGHT to as many people as possible. It takes a lot for someone to desire to travel the world and sit for hours personally touching and connecting with each person on such a personal soul level. The whole experience of watching her work, and seeing others receive their blessings as well, was very moving. If you feel the call, I hope you will honor it. Here are a few suggestions from my own research and personal experience I have learned along the way that I know will help you as well. ~Sabrina

1. Practice Japa with Mother Meera in your daily meditations at least one week before you see her. Japa is the repetition of any divine name you resonate with. When you repetitively repeat a divine name you form a connection with that being and activate the divine vibration. Japa of a divine name can be used for protection as well.

2. Have a strong intention for what you would like to occur. If you are unsure, simply ask for GRACE. The divine energy knows what you need, but when you set a strong intention it is strengthened.

3. Go early, and sit as close to Mother Meera as possible. Her energy is palpable and she is calling forth downloads of LIGHT the entire time she is in Darshan.

4. Stay for the entire Darshan. She gives a final blessing at the end of Darshan for the whole group. I personally felt a stronger energy come into my being during this final blessing.

5. Make sure you are hydrated. Water is a conductor of spiritual energy. If you are dehydrated the spiritual energies have a harder time flowing through your being.

6. Sit with your legs uncrossed, with palms open, resting on your legs to receive the light. Do not cross arms or legs, that will close off your energy field and you will not receive as many downloads of light. Remain receptive and grateful.

7. Take a few small clear quartz crystals, hold them in your hands, and tell them to receive the download of Light Mother Meera will bring forth. Put them in your pockets during Darshan. They will be of great assistance to you in your meditations, especially if you place one on your spiritual eye. You can also hold them when you do Japa.

8. Wear white. She can see the tangles and obstructions in your energy field better with all white clothes.

9. The following weeks after Darshan, it is normal for stored pain and repressed negative emotions and behaviors etc…to surface. For the Light will bring the darkness forward in a loving, graceful way to help you heal. Be kind to your self during the next month after your experience with Mother Meera as what was hidden comes up to be released. Love your self. Be courageous and grateful for the LIGHT to expose your darkness. For we can not heal what we do not see.

For more information on Mother Meera visit her official site:

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For those who can not travel to see Mother Meera, you can receive Darshan from anywhere simply by doing Japa of her name. You can also write Mother Meera with your prayer request and she will bless you. Click Here for more info: You can also watch this you tube video and stare into Mother Meera’s eyes to receive a light transference:

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