Our Emotions Are Dictated By Our Thoughts: By Sabrina Reber


Our emotions are dictated by our thoughts. When we have positive thoughts, we have positive emotions. Positive thoughts and emotions reflect a high vibrational state of being; which will attract a positive, healthy, balanced, joyful life for ourselves.

If we are having negative thoughts, there is a negative emotion attached to the thought. In order to bring ourselves back into alignment with our highest good, we will need to address the underlying emotion that is trying to express itself through our negative mind chatter. If we don’t, the negative mind chatter will resurface over and over again until the negative emotion has been fully released.

In order to express our negative emotion in a safe, grounded, loving way we will first need to get to the root of the matter by asking ourselves:

1. How do I feel? (disappointed, disrespected, unloved, misunderstood, betrayed, grief stricken, fearful, angry etc.)

2. What event triggered the negative thought/emotion?

3. Where is my responsibility in this interaction?

4. What is the negative emotion trying to teach me? What is my lesson? What am I attached to that I need to release so I can be healthy and happy?

5. Do I need to set boundaries with myself and others so I do not recreate this lesson again?

6. What can I do to create change in my life so I can generate positive emotions and thoughts for myself?

Once we understand why we are having the negative emotion/thought, we are then in a place of power to transform our current vibration into a higher vibration by making a decision to make the changes necessary to redirect our energy towards what we want. This may require us to pay extra attention to our thoughts for a few days while we process through our emotions so we can release them, but having the awareness of what is happening turns us into a transformer of circumstances and not a victim.

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