This healing is done in person in Destin Florida. It can not be done remotely.

The pineal gland is a small and mysterious crystalline gland located in the middle of the brain directly behind the spiritual eye. The Pineal Gland is known as the “seat of the soul” and when it is awakened, our spiritual eye and crown chakras are also activated, which will signal the kundalini (our dormant, divine creator energy coiled at the base of our spines) to rise cleansing and purifying our entire chakra systems in preparation for the descension of our higher souls or our higher selves to incarnate into our physical bodies. Kundalini ascension is the the first level of the return of our very own Christ Consciousness. This is the true meaning of the Return of Christ – it happens within us, not from without.

Once kundalini ascension has occurred, and the spiritual glands in our bodies have been activated we will have greater access to the Divine and the God Within. “Pineal Gland Activation” is important for those of us choosing to ascend and have a direct experience of ourselves within the higher levels of our beings.

The pineal gland is an internal “clock” directly linked to our endocrine systems bio rhythms and also a “clock” that monitors our spiritual or lack of spiritual progression. If our pineal gland is not active and balanced it can affect our sleeping patterns, our health, our sexual organs and many of our normal body processes and so much more. Due to humanity’s focus in the physical world and our lack of attention in the spiritual worlds our pineal glands have atrophied. Our modern diets, consumption of consciousness suppressing substances, chemicals and also our free will choice to live from our egos and not our higher selves have also contributed to the calcification of our pineal glands.

For those of us wanting to awaken our divine consciousness and return back to the truth of our beings, we are being called forth to be proactive in the awakening of our pineal glands. Along with meditation, DNA Activation, cleansing of the physical body and making choices to “do good” we can also incorporate sonic sound frequency in order to vibrationally break up the karmic calcification that has been created around our pineal glands.

During this activation we will be utilizing visualization, intention and a specially designed “Pineal Gland Tuning Fork” that has the same vibrational harmonic resonance with that of a quartz crystal. Because our pineal gland is made up of a crystalline substance, when this high frequency sound is set into motion it stimulates and activates the crystalline structures of the pineal gland and helps vibrate away the layers of karmic calcification that have occurred. The vibrations from these sound frequencies have been carefully designed to trigger a cleansing, balancing and an awakening within our pineal glands in order to assist us in the awakening of our divine consciousness and the activation of our luminous light bodies.

ACTIVATION CEREMONY INCLUDES: 30 minute Crystal Healing Bed Session to prepare cleanse, balance and energize ALL chakras for the Pineal Gland Activation. Sacred Oil, Mantras, Toning, Visualization and a Pineal Gland Activator Tuning Fork. $80.00


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This healing is done in person. It can not be done remotely.




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