Quick, Gentle Liver Cleanse without the Epsom Salts By Sabrina Reber


I am a big fan of liver cleanses. Whenever I start to feel sluggish I know it is time to do another liver cleanse. However, the old way of doing a liver cleanse required months of consuming herbs OR drinking epsom salts for 2 days to open up the bile ducts so the liver stones could be flushed out. Not only was the taste of epsom salts disgusting, the very high level of sodium consumed was very harsh on the kidneys. I also, oftentimes, expereinced an imbalance of electrolytes after I finished the Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse protocol. Although her famous liver cleanse worked, I wanted to find another liver cleanse that wasn’t so harsh on the body; perhaps a cleanse I could do more frequently so I could keep my liver from getting congested in the first place.

On another one of my blogs I posted about the importance of doing a liver cleanse to help us release anger and support the body in our ascension process so we could assist ourselves in our DNA Activation. You can read that article HERE. However, there are so many more reasons we should be doing a liver flush and one of the main reasons is because our bodies are having a hard time adjusting to the higher frequencies due to our lifestyles and food/water choices being corrupted. Absolutely nothing is pure on this planet anymore. Due to our inabilities to appropriately replenish our soils with the nutrition they need, our tampering with GMO’s, cross contamination, pesticide use, our toxic water supplies, chemtrails, radiation, microwave ovens, aluminum cooking utensils, toxic plastic packaging and our own lack of consciousness to eat healthy foods when we were children (and even into our adulthoods) we are all experiencing the negative consequences of our actions.

Even if you have been eating a very healthy, organic, mostly vegetarian diet for some time you would also benefit from a liver flush because stones are produced not only from our emotional anger, but they are also produced wherever our bodies encounter any kind of invader which can enter into our bodies from improper washing of fruits and vegetables, from the air, from our water supplies, from medications, from heavy metals, from dental work etc. When an invader enters into the liver, the liver will protect itself by utilizing fat (cholesterol) to surround the toxic invader, which then becomes a liver stone. In addition, our digestive systems are overtaxed and many of us are becoming allergic to many of the foods we eat and we don’t even know it. Any food that the body is not able to digest appropriately gets put in a “deal with later” section of the liver and it sits there where it then becomes an invader where the liver will once again begin to create fat around that food particle to protect itself. Sometimes these food particles get pushed into the colon undigested and sometimes they get excreted into the blood stream, creating all kinds of problems, especially if the liver is already full of stones.

In order to heal ourselves, we need to cleanse these stones from our bodies. I personally believe that all of our illnesses, skin problems, digestive problems and even pain in our bodies is directly related to an improperly working liver due to stone congestion….among a variety of other spiritual/energetic reasons. People who are being diagnosed with Auto Immune Disorders, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Allergies, unexplained PAIN in the body, Thyroid Issues, Leaky Gut, Skin Issues (rosacea, eczema, psoriasis), Behavioral/Psychological Disorders, Weight Problems etc. would benefit greatly from doing this cleanse.

We are all realizing that many of our health problems go back to the gut. Many of us are changing our diets, eating fermented foods, taking digestive supplements etc. and this is good, and even necessary, in order for us to truly heal. However, if we don’t get rid of the stones, that are one of the the root reasons for our gut and digestive problems, we will only experience very minor improvements with a simple change in our diets. I believe that liver flushing is the missing key to radical transformation and healing. And for most people, they will need to complete at least 5-10 liver flushes before they will empty out the stones that are creating their liver congestion leading to poor digestion, toxic blood, lack of energy and many of the other health problems they are experiencing.

Over the past 8 years I have done more than 30 of the Hulda Clark Liver Cleanses and they work great! However they are brutal and require a lot of planning. In addition, my body is sensitive and the after effects of the cleanse usually took me a few days to overcome. So I was super excited to try out this new liver flush without the Epsom salts! The effects were great! I actually passed the same amount of stones without having to experience the side effects of the Epsom Salts. Can I get a Hallelujah! If you are new to Liver Flushing or if you have always done a liver flush with the Epsom salts; I suggest you try this more gentle version and see what you think.

The Liver Flush requires 2 days to complete so it is wise to do it on the weekend or during a time where you can have 2 days to focus on your health. On the second day in the morning you will need to be around a toilet so you can expel the stones. It sounds gross, but it is actually very empowering to see the results of healing taking place! The stones should pass within the first 4 hours of awakening so if you want to make plans for lunch or late afternoon you will be able to do so because you will not be experiencing any side effects from epsom salts. Your energy will actually be very high and you will feel great!

Ingredients Needed:

* 3 Bags of organic apples. You can also drink organic bottled apple juice but fresh is always better. You will need around 6 Cups of fresh juiced apple juice for        each day.

OR Malic Acid Supplements (instructions below)

* 1 Bag of Lemons (enough to produce 1/2 Cup of juice)

* 1 Bottle of “Extra Light” tasting Olive Oil (enough for 1/2 Cup of oil) Extra light is easier to get down, but any olive oil will work.

* L-Ornithine Pills (optional, these will help you sleep at night)

* Fiber Supplement Pills

* A blender or a shaker


DAY ONE: Eat as normal but consume 6 Cups of Fresh Squeezed Apple Juice. The apple juice has malic acid in it which softens the stones. (If you are a diabetic or you can not drink apple juice you can take a malic acid supplement. In this case, you will need to start consuming the malic acid pills 5 DAYS before you actually do the fast. You will consume 1500-2000 milligrams of malic acid supplements for 5 days and then do the fast.

DAY TWO (FASTING DAY): Eat a NON FAT breakfast and lunch. DO NOT CONSUME ANY FAT! ZIPPO, NONE! Fruit, Smoothies, Rice, Plain Steamed Vegetables are good choices! Consume 6 cups or more of Fresh Apple Juice or take your Malic Acid supplements. The reason we do not consume any fat on this day is because it builds up pressure in the liver due to a lack of fat so the stones can be pushed out. Eat and drink apple juice before 2:00pm and take a fiber supplement in a pill form.

* At 2:00pm you will begin the fast! Do not eat anything or drink anything….this builds up further pressure in the liver so you can have a successful flush.

* At 9:00pm or 10:00pm (before bed) mix in a blender or a shaker cup 1/2 Cup of Olive Oil with 1/2 Cup of Lemon Juice. Drink through a straw, this makes it go down easier. You also need to drink this mixture within 5 minutes so that it can enter into the liver quickly. If you are taking the L-Ornithine tablets to help you sleep, consume them with the lemon olive oil drink.  The fasting, and then the sudden increase of Fat into the liver forces the bile ducts to open so the gall stones can be released in the morning. The fat alone will open the bile ducts so there is no need to drink epsom salts to open the bile ducts. Hallelujah!

GO TO BED AND LAY ON YOU RIGHT SIDE IN A FETAL POSITION FOR A MINIMUM OF 20 MINUTES. This aids the oil to enter into the liver. Ideally, go to bed, but if you need to get up to use the restroom do so quickly and return to bed.

The next morning you will wake up without an Epsom Salt hangover and you also will not need to consume any Epsom salts in the morning, which is suggested in the Hulda Clark Protocol. Hallelujah! You can consume BLACK coffee or tea – this will help in getting the digestive track flowing again. I also suggest eating an apple to get things moving. Within a few hours you will need to have a bowel movement and the stones will gracefully be released. This cleanse can be done every 2 weeks to assist in the total cleansing of your liver. -Sabrina ©

It is also suggested that you do a colonic or a coffee enema after you finish the cleanse to make sure all of the stones are removed from the colon. But I have found the fiber supplements and the apple in the morning along with the olive oil really flush things out on their own. The colonic or coffee enema are optional but something you may want to consider as an additional step.

I am not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist.  Please use your own discernment as to if this cleanse is something you would like to do. It is safe and highly effective. If you have had your gallbladder removed you can still do this cleanse, in fact it is important that you do this cleanse on a regular basis because your bile will be thick and sluggish due to your gallbladder being removed and your liver will create a lot of stones.

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