Spiritual and Energy Healing Services With Sabrina Reber In Destin Florida


All of the healing services provided below are done in person and are designed to help you awaken the divine consciousness within you. IF YOU WOULD LIKE A DISTANCE HEALING SESSION PLEASE CLICK HERE: SPARK OF LIFE. Due to our planet entering into “The Aquarian Age” and the very high vibratory light of the Photon Band we are being called forth to refine and purify our souls so we can utilize the transformative, crystalline light that is now available on our planet to help us evolve our souls to the highest levels possible.

Due to many lifetimes of our planet living outside the photon band, where we were in the “Dark Ages” learning lessons through dense, egoic, painful and karmic circumstances – our souls have taken on a lot of density or shadows. During the “Dark Ages” humanity was degenerated where much of our DNA, brains and spiritual glands were deactivated. However, we are in a new era, a new age, and for those souls who are ready to accelerate their spiritual evolution much grace, healing, activation and purification is now available to them.

The majority of the healing services I provide are grounded in ancient rituals passed down from the Temples of King Solomon. These healing modalities are not of the new-age phenomenon, but are deeply rooted in the old art of metaphysics. I have been trained and initiated as a healer/teacher within the Hierarchy of Light and I am honored to be of service to you in this way.


All of the below healing sessions are done in person in Destin Florida, USA. If you would like to schedule an appointment with me please email me at sabrinapreber@gmail.com. I honor you and your commitment towards the purification of your soul. It will be a privilege to work with you on a very intimate level as our higher selves work together to help you manifest your divine potential on Earth. -Sabrina


1. DNA Life Activations: This is one of the methods taken directly from the Halls of King Solomon’s Temple, 1000 years before Christ. This activation is a tremendous gift of empowerment that assists you in your own healing processes at very deep levels allowing your dormant spiritual gifts to be activated within your being. This is an Etheric Surgery that brings very high levels of LIGHT into your physical and spiritual (dormant) strands of  DNA— activating your divine encoding as a God/Human. Because we have taken on more and more density throughout our human journeys, we are holding less Light. As a collective we have reached a place where we wish to return more fully to our Divine Selves. As a result, this tool of empowerment has been handed down to Initiated Teachers of Light and is now available for those who would like to accelerate their ascension journey towards unification with their Higher/Christ Selves. If I only met you once, and I had an hour to help you with all the healings I know, I would choose this healing for that hour.  This will open you up to all the unlimited possibilities that are available to you. This activation unfolds over time helping you to claim more and more of your divine essence.

The DNA Activation healing protocol takes approximately 1-hour and includes a balancing of your elemental, magnetic, etheric and chakra energies. You will also receive a very powerful emotional cord cutting ritual to set you free from old discordant attachments that no longer serve you. To learn more about this process CLICK HERE.

Life Activation 22 Strands of DNA : $150.00 (this is a pre- requisite for the Adam Kadmon 24 strand Activation)

Adam Kadmon Activation 24 Strands: $200.00 This is the highest level of DNA Activation available at this time on our planet. In this session you will receive a balancing of your elemental, magnetic, etheric and chakra energies. You will also receive a very powerful emotional cord cutting ritual to set you free from old discordant attachments that no longer serve you. In addition you will also receive removal of any negative crystals,  etheric surgery and a karmic matrix clearing . After the activation and energy clearing you will also receive 2 bottles of antimony (a vibrational healing elixir) to assist you with your detoxification processes.


2. Emotional Cord Cutting Ritual This gift severs all negative emotional cords that have ever been created during a lifetime. These cords form links between you and other people and are present whether you know it consciously or not. Even if a person is not in your life, you may still flow energy to them or from them. These cords can interfere with your clarity, strength, and energy. Cord Cutting frees up your energy to flow directly to you, for your own highest use. Cord cuttings help release the emotional charge we have around people or situations and allow us to continue to deal with life’s necessities, but from a less charged/emotional place, allowing for greater freedom in all aspects of your life. When we cut negative emotional cords we have created with our friends, co-workers and loved ones it serves EVERYONE. Negative cords drain everyone’s energy and keep us from creating positive, loving cords. A Negative Emotional Cord Cutting sets us free from negativity and can help us create more positive relationships. Cord Cuttings can easily be combined with any other healing modality offered.  Cost: $50


3. Etheric Surgery:  Physical pain and emotional issues can be cleared from the etheric layer of the body using a laser wand and other methods. Here, the practitioner identifies and locates energy structures that are blocking a person’s progression, be it negative thoughts, emotions, etc. and remove these structures from the client’s matrix, thereby releasing the energy from their consciousness. The effects of this work are immediate and profound. This work is very powerful and the effects are far-reaching.  The Etheric field is formed from the Will of God, the Will of the Universe and the Will of Man. Man’s Egoic Will has built limitations into our Etheric fields preventing us from manifesting our Godhood. Etheric Surgery and Etheric Healing remove unneeded, residual energy structures, reduces the burden of emotional and mental issues, dissolves core issues blocks and breaks karmic cycles (individual, family and global). Etheric Surgery and Etheric Healing clear trans-temporal traumas and is a powerful way to clear trauma we come in to this world with and would otherwise be unable to clear in this lifetime. Some of the benefits of Etheric Surgery and Etheric Healing  include: freedom from old patterns, expansion of consciousness, decrease of core issues & blockages, removal of negative energies and relief of emotional pressures. Etheric Surgery and Etheric Healing  reduce or eliminate the known and unknown heavy burdens of the past that we have dragged forward with us. By removing blocks, Etheric Surgery and Etheric Healing allow Light and positive energy to flow into our Beings and the space around us. We experience life in the present with Divine support. Etheric Surgery and Etheric Healing can easily be blended with other healing modalities offered.

“Etheric Surgery”: $100.00

“Etheric Surgery” combined with “Purification by Light” provides a massive clearing of negative energy:  $200.00


4. Purification By Light Ceremony -This ritual healing uses ancient toning, holy words, sacred symbols and sacred prayers to create a strong vortex of light in your aura to clear up any residues that you are carrying in your auric field. Lost souls, ancestral energies, parasitic energies and negative influences that are draining your life force are removed and sent to the light. These energies can be picked up from negative places or negative people. These invasive energies create imbalance within our energy structures and can cause us emotional pain, ill health, confusion, disconnection and a lowered ability to function in this world. During this ceremony you are purified in waves of Divine Light as these negative energies are removed from your energy field and transformed into light. You are left feeling that a weight has been released – happier, lighter, and more at peace. This ritual can also be done as a clearing for homes and offices. Cost Personal Clearing: $150.00  Homes and Offices: $150.00 an hour


5. Starseed Healing:  There are many positive vibrations surrounding the human body that are lost on a daily basis. The Starseed Healing reorganizes these energies by correcting the body’s vibrational state. This distinctive Galactic Healing utilizes crystals, chimes, and a tuning fork to cleanse and harmonize the body’s energetic system, balancing the vibration and the frequency within and around ourselves. Starseed Healing clears mind clutter, adjusts and balances the chakras and auric layers of the energy field, breaks up stagnant energy and connects us galactically with all living things. This is an awakening of the multi-dimensional self, infusing tones and sound into the body to heal and modify the harmonic frequencies. It brings one into a state of transcendent peace.Cost: $150.00 

Starseed Healing Combined with Purification By Light Ritual is great for people struggling with addictions as it removes the negative energies that make us crave certain substances. These two modalities together provide a deep cleaning of the energy fields and chakra systems helping us to gain control over egoic cravings and vices: Cost: $200.00


6. Galactic Ray Healing Modality:  This healing modality attunes you to the creational rays from the Great Central Sun called the “Rays of En Sof.” En- Sof is the highest form of divinity that exists. It is the highest form of God, LIGHT, energy and the very essence of Life Force itself. En Sof is everything and nothing at the same time. It is the energy of pure, uncreated energy that is used in order to create form, healing, initiation, empowerment and manifestation. It is the creational energy of God. This modality empowers us to move forward more purposefully on our journeys towards en-lighten-ment. It helps us to reconnect and activate the Christ Consciousness within ourselves by bringing forth more compassion, empathy, purity and clarity. This modality inscribes the sacred symbols of God from the Great Star, in the Great Central Sun, into your aura. Each symbol is a bright light of illumination from the highest rays of light from the presence of God. Cost: $150.00 (There are no pre-requisites.)

Benefits of the Galactic Ray Healing Modality are:
1. Brings forth transformation and transmutation.
2. Brings forth a greater passion for life.
3. Awakens our intuitive powers to connect to the higher spiritual realms.
4. Assists us with the ability to make wiser choices for our highest good.
5. Helps us heal and bring more light into our energetic systems.
6. Helps us heal emotional wounds that block us from attracting positive relationships.
7. Helps us transmute what is blocking us from becoming who we are supposed to be.
8. Helps us awaken our hidden powers and gifts we came in with.
9. Helps heal the physical body and helps establish clarity of mind.
10. Helps us remember and connect to our oneness with God and Goddess.
11. Helps us to be empowered to create anew; to begin again and create a more divinely inspired life.


7. Full Spirit Activation:  The Full Spirit Activation is designed to activate the connection between the Supernal Body (light body) with the 10 parts of the brain in the Thalamus, Pituitary, and Pineal gland areas within the “old brain”. This allows us to bypass the physical processes that stagnate us as humans and come into a state of existence free from the world around us while allowing us to truly experience and enjoy the miracle of life everyday. In awaking the old brain you see miracles happen and people step into a whole different element in their lives. They see and feel different and will do more work in service. In fact this activation is needed in order to become a good healer who can channel a higher level of spiritual energies from our Monads. The old brain is our connection to the Great Central Sun, so once activated we will also feel more in tune with our Divinity and our own self worth. While the DNA Life Activation amplifies your personal connection to your higher self, the FULL SPIRIT ACTIVATION takes that one step further to increase your connection to your soul. By activating these higher aspects of your energy bodies, you are switching-on the superhero system that exists within everyone. This is the potential to perform miracles and the opportunity to optimize your own divinity. Affectionately called the second part of the Life DNA Activation, this modality is paramount in connecting our minds with our souls, allowing us to see the Divine Essence in all living things so we can create a richer appreciation for this amazing life we have been blessed with. Cost: $150.00 (Pre-requisite is A.K. 24 strand DNA Activation)

8. Unified Chakra Awakening:  The Unified Chakra Awakening activates a chakra system of 2,418 points! Part of the original Divine Blueprint, these additional chakras have always been a part of humans as pure potential. This newly awakened chakra system connects in with the DNA and the collective consciousness of humans, as well as the Christ consciousness. It unifies and binds all the energies of the light body with the physical body, providing one with a deeper connection to their spiritual essence.This connection increases spiritual awareness, brings about a peaceful state of mind, addresses apathy and low energy, awakens your soul and nervous system while increasing dramatically the amount of light you can physically hold in your body activating and connecting you to your Galactic Self.  Cost: $150.00 (Pre-requisite is 24 strand Activation)


9. John of God Crystal Healing Bed Sessions: The John of God Crystal Healing Bed utilizes crystal therapy and light therapy to cleanse, energize and bring into balance our 7 main physical chakras. When our 7 main physical chakras are balanced our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects are also brought into balance. The Crystal Healing Bed utilizes seven vogel cut crystals, selected by John of God, to cleanse and purify our beings which is equivalent to 7 pranic healers working on us at the same time. This is a transformational healing device and while you are on the Crystal Healing Bed, I remain in the room with you meditating and praying for you as a conduit for a very high level of spiritual energies to be utilized in your healing session.
Benefits of the JOG Crystal Healing Bed
* Chakra healing and balancing promotes an overall sense of well-being.
* Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing
* Clearing of etheric mucous due to stress and modern lifestyle choices
* Removal of discordant energies that interfere with our balance and alignment
* Clearing of energetic blocks that block us from our joy and abundance
* Revitalization of life force energies
* Reduces stress, anxiety, depression and other negative emotions
* Reduces pain and promotes restful sleep, healing and relaxation
* Induces a deep meditative state where spiritual guidance can be attained
* Helps people connect more deeply with their soul, spirit and God within
* 7 Vogel cut crystals combined with light therapy = 7 Pranic healers at once
Cost: $50 for a 30 minute session (This 30 minute service is FREE when you schedule “most” of the other healing/activation services with me.)
1 Hour Reiki Session Combined with a 30 minute Crystal Healing Bed $100.00

 Reiki Healing

Reiki Classes are also available for those who would like to learn the Usui Reiki Method of Healing
9. Reiki Energy Healing Session: Charge up your system by receiving a higher level of universal life force energy to assist you in clarity of mind, emotional release, stress reduction and an increase of spiritual energy to assist you in the regeneration of your physical body. Reiki works on dissolving energetic blocks that create static interference within our beings. These energetic blocks can oftentimes lead to pain either emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually. The Reiki energy is a beautiful, loving compassionate energy that helps ignite the “inner healer” within you so you can return to a state of balance. For more information about Reiki please read a previous article I wrote: HOW REIKI CAN HELP YOU HEAL AND ACCELERATE YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY
* Reiki Healing can be combined with any other healing service provided except King Solomon Healing*
$95.00 for 1 Hour Reiki Session
$120.00 1.5 Hour Reiki Session
$50.00 for 30 minute healing session to be combined with any other healing modality.



The pineal gland is a small and mysterious crystalline gland located in the middle of the brain directly behind the spiritual eye. The Pineal Gland is known as the “seat of the soul” and when it is awakened, our spiritual eye and crown chakras are also activated, which will signal the kundalini (our dormant, divine creator energy coiled at the base of our spines) to rise cleansing and purifying our entire chakra systems in preparation for the descension of our higher souls or our higher selves to incarnate into our physical bodies. Kundalini ascension is the the first level of the return of our very own Christ Consciousness. This is the true meaning of the Return of Christ – it happens within us, not from without.

Once kundalini ascension has occurred, and the spiritual glands in our bodies have been activated we will have greater access to the Divine and the God Within. “Pineal Gland Activation” is important for those of us choosing to ascend and have a direct experience of ourselves within the higher levels of our beings.

The pineal gland is an internal “clock” directly linked to our endocrine systems bio rhythms and also a “clock” that monitors our spiritual or lack of spiritual progression. If our pineal gland is not active and balanced it can affect our sleeping patterns, our health, our sexual organs and many of our normal body processes and so much more. Due to humanity’s focus in the physical world and our lack of attention in the spiritual worlds our pineal glands have atrophied. Our modern diets, consumption of consciousness suppressing substances, chemicals and also our free will choice to live from our egos and not our higher selves have also contributed to the calcification of our pineal glands.

For those of us wanting to awaken our divine consciousness and return back to the truth of our beings, we are being called forth to be proactive in the awakening of our pineal glands. Along with meditation, DNA Activation, cleansing of the physical body and making choices to “do good” we can also incorporate sonic sound frequency in order to vibrationally break up the karmic calcification that has been created around our pineal glands.

During this activation we will be utilizing visualization, intention and a specially designed “Pineal Gland Tuning Fork” that has the same vibrational harmonic resonance with that of a quartz crystal. Because our pineal gland is made up of a crystalline substance, when this high frequency sound is set into motion it stimulates and activates the crystalline structures of the pineal gland and helps vibrate away the layers of karmic calcification that have occurred. The vibrations from these sound frequencies have been carefully designed to trigger a cleansing, balancing and an awakening within our pineal glands in order to assist us in the awakening of our divine consciousness and the activation of our luminous light bodies.

ACTIVATION CEREMONY INCLUDES: 30 minute Crystal Healing Bed Session to prepare cleanse, balance and energize ALL chakras for the Pineal Gland Activation. Sacred Oil, Mantras, Toning, Visualization and a Pineal Gland Activator Tuning Fork. $80.00





11:  THE PHYSICAL REGION OF THE KING SOLOMON HEALING MODALITYThe King Solomon Healing Modality is based on the simple principle that our imbalances and life obstacles are of a spiritual nature. Therefore, they must be approached in a spiritual way. These imbalances continue to haunt us because we do not have enough energy to clear or release them in their spiritual aspects. The only way to do this is to gradually build up spiritual energy. This accumulation of spiritual energy can then support our natural processes as our instinctive intelligence takes over and naturally clears and restores itself to its original true state of being.Humans operate on three levels at all times: the physical, the soul and the spirit. Each level operates to its own set of rules, yet each are interconnected. Most of us are only aware of the physical body, and because of this, we only seek ways to meet its needs using up approximately 70-80% of our energy in order to simply get through our days! Most of us are merely surviving in this world when we are supposed to be thriving and this is because we have very little energy left to meet the needs of our Souls and Spirits.Because our Souls and Spirits have been deprived of the life force energies they need in order to remain in harmony and balance we will be focusing a lot of our healing work in the Soul and Spirit bodies. Due to lifetimes of traumas and difficulties in our lives such as negative emotions, negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, low vitality, unhealthy situations/relationships as well as our own unexpressed negative emotions and feelings – we create energetic blocks or energetic residue that damages our soul and spirit body’s ability to flow universal life force energies in a free flowing, abundant way. Old trapped energies and energetic blocks from our negative experiences hold memories within the energetic residue in our energy fields and we continue to carry these energies with us which tend to attract more problems and more patterns of negativity into our lives. Due to our energetic blocks we recreate, re-live and there-by add to our negative patterns on a daily basis. Because humanity and modern science does not yet understand this process many people find themselves in what seems to be a never-ending struggle to release these patterns of negativity from their lives.By addressing the needs of our soul and spirit body’s we are able to rapidly heal and progress in all areas of our lives. True healing occurs when the damaged energy systems of our soul and spirit bodies are energized and aligned so they can naturally draw upon enough spiritual life force energies to finally dissolve and heal the accumulation of negative energetic blocks within our energy systems. Once our energy flow has been sustained and brought back into balance we will be able to reclaim connection with our true selves and live our lives with greater enthusiasm and a more fulfilling sense of purpose.The King Solomon Physical Region Healing Modality consists of 10 sessions each developed to create a comprehensive healing of the Soul and Spirit, which ultimately leads to physical healing as well. Each session begins by energetically opening the Soul and Spirit Bodies to receive the healing. Then a sacred cleansing is performed to heighten our overall energy and state of awareness. Next 54 different Universal Energies of the soul and spirit bodies are measured to chart your progress as you move through each of the 10 sessions of this powerful healing modality. Then a specific group within your energy system will be focused upon, energized, balanced, aligned and healed.After this your natural ability to flow Universal Energies will soon be recovered. As this happens the instinctive intelligence of Universal Life Force Energies and your soul and spirit bodies will eventually come together, working in unison, to heal the residual energetic residue in much the same way as your physical body KNOWS how to heal itself when it has been brought into balance. After this, some light grounding work is done to integrate the energies you have received into the the physical body. Then all negative emotional attachments are cleared and  an attunement of high frequency light is activated into your being to increase your ability to draw upon this light as you continue to move forward in your souls journey.The King Solomon Healing Series is specifically structured for all humans who are ready to embrace the full light of their spiritual essence. The 22-Strand DNA Activation originated from this series. If you have already experienced the DNA Activation you know how beneficial this work is. Each of the ten sessions, in this series, is equally powerful and transformative. These modalities are for those who are ready to fully clear, awaken, and activate all aspects of their  beings – physical, emotional, mental, auric, etheric, soul, and spirit. It is an alchemical, life- enhancing process of transformation. I honor your decision and commitment to give yourself this sacred gift of healing and light!Each healing session is a unique ceremony! Each session includes a sacred washing, anointing, energetic evaluation, special prayers and invocation – which prepares you to receive high levels of spiritual light and healing. Also included at the end of most sessions is a 22-Strand DNA Activation tune-up and a cord cutting, which further assists in a higher integration of a new level of energy established during the ceremonies. Each session lasts from an hour to an hour & a half and costs $150.00. It is critical that the client commits to finishing the 10 session series with appointments made every 1-2 weeks. Each session creates a powerful shift, and through the completion of this series, the whole being is brought into balance

The 10 Part King Solomon Physical Region Series: (Every 1-2 weeks)

During this healing series please do not receive any other “spiritual” healing during this time period.

  1. THE TREE OF LIFE HEALING: (ACTIVATE DNA) The tree of life is the blueprint God uses to manifest all of creation. The ten spheres in the Tree of Life, representing ten different aspects of God (like wisdom, understanding, mercy, severity, beauty) are awakened, activated, illuminated, balanced, and healed. Activating this structure within your body allows you to access the ten archetypal aspects of human existence, increases your ability to manifest your dreams and helps you to attain a deeper understanding of life.
  2. STARSEED HEALING – There are many positive vibrations surrounding the human body that are lost on a daily basis. The Starseed Healing reorganizes these energies by correcting the body’s vibrational state. This distinctive Galactic Healing utilizes crystals, chimes, and a tuning fork to cleanse and harmonize the body’s energetic system, balancing the vibration and the frequency within and without of the human. Starseed Healing clears mind clutter, adjusts and balances the chakras/auric layers and will connect you Galactically with all living things. This is an awakening of the multi-dimensional self, infusing tones and sound into the body to heal and modify harmonic frequencies. It brings one into a state of transcendent peace.
  1. THE SEAL OF SOLOMON HEALING: King Solomon’s favorite healing modality! This healing technique uses sacred stones, healing symbols, the 12 Rays, and the extremely potent energy of the Seal of Solomon to align, balance, and recreate your body in accordance with the seven directions and your original Divine Blueprint. The Seal of Solomon is the blueprint for the construction of your DNA. By opening the seals within your aura, this modality heals the imbalances between your soul and your physical body bringing about a deeper alignment with your true self.
  2. TONE HEALING: This ceremony opens, heals, and harmonizes the chakra system and the energy centers of the body with each other and with the Universal vibrations of Life. Using tones of the highest vibration (five of the 72 sacred names of God), the chakras are filled with harmony and light, allowing one to fully embrace that they are a spiritual being temporarily existing here in a physical body.
  1. AURA HEALING: As a result of energy from traumatic experiences, the aura can have black spots, which diminish or block our flow of light. If left unresolved these areas can cause tears or holes in our auras that allow vital energy to escape and unwanted, foreign energies to enter. This leads to physical and mental weakness, depression and a low level of life force energy. In this session, the aura is scanned, and these areas are filled with light and healed. This will open the seven gates of your soul helping you to clear past traumas, freeing you from emotional over reactivity. As a result, you will experience the ultimate balance of all things, renewed vitality for life, and a deeper level of intuition.
  1. PURIFICATION BY LIGHT: As we go about daily life in todays society, it is very easy to pick up foreign energies of a low vibration. These energies cause emotional pain and disconnection, as well as a lowered ability to function. In this healing, the seven principles of life are awakened to bless and seal your sacred self. You are purified in waves of Divine Light as these negative energies are removed from your field and transformed into light. Many are left feeling that a weight has been released – happier, lighter, and more at peace.
  1. ETHERIC BODY HEALING: (ADAM KADMON ACTIVATION!) In this healing all seven bodies representing each stage of physical development from infancy to the soul are addressed, healed, and aligned. Powerful energies are invoked to work with the highest good through the power of sacred spoken words and mantras. This healing will help you reclaim and energize the true essence of your spiritual nature, purity, exploration, life force, mental processes, inner strength, vitality, awareness, and ability to contact energy dimensions.
  1. UNIFIED CHAKRA AWAKENING – The Unified Chakra Awakening activates a chakra system of 2,418 points! Part of the original Divine Blueprint, these additional chakras have always been a part of humans as “pure potential.” This newly awakened chakra system connects in with the DNA and the collective consciousness of humans, as well as the Christ Consciousness. It unifies and binds all the energies of the light body with the physical body providing one with a deeper connection to their spiritual essence. This increases spiritual awareness, brings about a peaceful state of mind, addresses apathy and low energy, awakens your souls nervous system and dramatically increases the amount of light you can physically hold in your body activating and connecting you to your Galactic Self.
  1. MENTAL BODY HEALING: The mental body healing is a very profound healing modality that utilizes 13 very rare, sacred oils to stimulate areas within your brain that hold old memories that no longer serve you. Once these memories are triggered, a ritual is performed to assist in removing the karmic, traumatic energetic threads that keep you entangled within the karma or the trauma. Once these etheric threads of illness are removed it opens up greater space within your being so you can experience a deeper, more peaceful state of mind moving you forward towards your enlightenment.

The 10th and final session of this modality will be a very deep healing focusing on whatever is needed at that time. Each unique session works on different aspects of you, helping you to release what does not serve you so you can connect with the God within. DNA Activation and Cord Cuttings are included with 8 out of the 10 session.

THE PHYSICAL REGION KING SOLOMON MODALITY: 10 sessions required $150.00 per session.

12.  King Solomon Healing Modality – Subconscious Mind Region: 

The King Solomon Mind Region Modality deals with traumas held within the subconscious mind. The mind is not only the brain; the mind is our psyche that holds all of our memories from previous existences or past life emanations.

When we receive this modality it helps clear up the energetic congestion, energetic blocks or soul shadows that have been created in our soul bodies so we can access our Monads. This modality purifies our souls and clears away the unnecessary “mind clutter” that keeps us from accessing our highest potentials. Symbolically, this modality is like “spiritual drano” for the subconscious mind. It helps clean out all the tubes and channels within our psyches that are clogged up with distorted beliefs, traumas, programs and the energies of self-sabotage.

This modality helps us activate our divine blueprints so we can access our life passion. It is especially helpful for Indigos and souls who don’t feel like they fit in. By clearing up the negative mind residue, that we have created for ourselves, and also that has been projected onto us from others – including our genetic lineage, we can access our true selves. Over the next 10 sessions your mind will be purified and re-booted so you can gain access to your Monad – the highest part of your Spirit, your God Self or your inner genius that is within yourself! In order for each person to access this higher more divine aspect of themselves, we must clean up the mind and all of its distortions so we can access our Elohim Self!

Pablo Picasso is a great example of someone who was a good artist- which is exhibited in his “blue period”- but became a great art master after he received the King Solomon healing modality himself. This modality helped him clean up the energetic interference that kept him from manifesting his inner genius on Earth. Because of this healing, he is now recognized as one of the greatest artist to impact the development of modern and contemporary art.

Our Modern Psychology is rooted in the teachings of Carl Jung who took a piece of the King Solomon Healing Modality and taught it to others. Unfortunately, he did not utilize the complete system and because of this our modern psychology falls short to really help people heal because it focuses solely on the brain and not the totality of our beings – specifically the spiritual aspects of ourselves. Fortunately, we have access to the KSHM which focuses on our complete bio-computer system of our multidimensional minds. The KSHM works 100% of the time on 100% of the people and is 100% effective. It is a complete system and it is “universal,” meaning that it works on everyone!

It is important for us to complete the full 10 sessions of this modality because we are dealing with the subconscious mind! If you do not feel you will be able to commit to a healing session every 2-5 weeks until the 10 sessions are complete it is best that you do not do this modality. Each session is vitally important as each session builds upon the next as we activate and bring forth the traumatic energies that need to be released and sealed. If we stop half way through the modality you will be left in an incomplete state with activated trauma threads that have not been fully released. One of the most beautiful things about this modality is that your trauma threads will be brought to the surface without you having to fully relive your traumatic experiences. They come to the surface and are quickly transmuted.

During each session we will have a brief consultation so I can see how you are doing energetically and I will also let you know what to expect for the day. Sessions can last anywhere from 1.5 – 2 hours depending on what you need. This is a gentle, loving and powerful healing service that can bring forth sadness, happiness, anger, uncomfortableness and even bliss. I am here to support you fully so whatever arises just surrender to the process and allow yourself to go deep so you can release everything that is blocking you from the light of your inner divinity.

THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND REGION KING SOLOMON MODALITY: 10 sessions required at $225.00 per session

All healing sessions are done in person in Destin Florida, USA. If you would like to schedule an appointment with me please email me at sabrinapreber@gmail.com. I honor you and your commitment towards the purification of your soul. It will be a privilege to work with you on a very intimate level as our higher selves work together to help you manifest your divine potential on Earth. -Sabrina

Sabrina’s Background

In 2005 after a 2 year dark night of the soul; Sabrina had a kundalini experience where she merged into oneness with her higher self. This completely changed her life and way of being in the world. She began to study energy medicine and became certified in many modalities: Reiki, Karuna, Pranic Healing, DNA Theta Healing, King Solomon Mind & Physical Regions, DNA Activation, and a variety of other ancient shamanic healing techniques that have been passed down from King Solomon. After her kundalini ascension, her multidimensional senses were opened, and she began to work with a group of spiritual beings known as the “Counsel of 12″ who helped her write her ascension book called “Raise Your Vibration.” Once the book was released, she began her online journey of service to others by writing thousands of spiritual articles in order to inspire and assist others on their ascension journey’s. Her online presence has allowed Sabrina to work with hundreds of thousands of people all over the world helping them to stay committed to the expansion of their consciousness so we can bring forth healing for ourselves and our planet. Sabrina has traveled the world receiving initiations and energetic openings. She has endured sacred pilgrimages throughout Egypt, India, Peru, Brazil and she has spent 15 days living with a Shipibo Tribe in the Amazon. Sabrina has been initiated as an ordained minister in the Lively Stones Full Gospel Ministry by the well known healer Willard Fuller who was  known to perform dental miracles by the laying on of his hands. She is also an initiate into the Hierarchy of Light and a member of the Martinist and Rosicrucian mystical orders. Sabrina has been married for over 22 years and has been a loving presence for her 2 daughters. She is also an artist, but her greatest passion is helping others connect with their true selves…their higher selves.


“I can’t put into words how grateful I feel for the healing I received from you! My life has totally transformed to a higher level! I am feeling blessed for our magical connection! Thank you so much Sabrina.” -K.K

“You are a very special lady… I never got a chance to thank you again for the session- the cord cutting and the etheric surgery – I felt the results immediately. Thank you again. B.W

“I am in awe by the support, grace and healing today. Words cannot express. Thank you – to you, the light beings and my Holy guardian angel, I bow in deep reverence. Tears of gratitude.”  -T.L

“During the actual healing I had moments of extreme zen-like calm where I felt vibrations in my body and a tingling at the top of my head. The debilitating soul exhaustion that pushed me to finally schedule a healing has lifted. I feel more grounded and less affected by stress. That is huge considering that my body had started shutting down from my hectic schedule and lack of relaxation/rest.” -P.J.

“Meeting and receiving work from you was so special. I can’t even put it into words. Thank you! Love and light!” -M.F.

“I really want to say, thank you for the work you do! It has helped me so much! I feel not only was I healed, but I see how much it has helped my children and my husband. I feel so grateful for you and your gifts! I feel the healing energy in everything around me. Even when I’m out shopping. It’s so amazing! -K.K




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