The Belief That Jesus Is Accountable For ALL Of Humanity’s Sins Is Ludicrous, Spiritually Immature and Irresponsible By: Sabrina Reber


Humanity has an inner opponent and it is called the human ego. The human ego was created during the fall of man when we chose to descend in consciousness, which led to a perceived separation from our Creator. Although we are never truly separated from the Creator Of All That Is, this fall in consciousness made us feel we were no longer connected in oneness to every other soul or to our Creator. Our consciousness began to fragment as we fell into duality and separation consciousness, which brought forth a great deal of fear within our beings. Our souls were accustomed to living in oneness and the full embrace of the Creators love – we had never experienced this kind of fear before. Because we felt we were separated and powerless, our fears created an alter identity called the ego or the lower self. The ego is a fear filled extension of our souls and it is not connected to the loving guidance of our true selves that reside in a higher vibrating dimension within our energy fields. Out of desperation and confusion our souls allowed our egos to become the dominating source of guidance within our beings, which has created blocks and barriers between our incarnated soul and our true selves/spiritual selves.

The ego, or the inner opponent, has an insatiable desire for security. Anything that opposes the egos rigid belief systems will make the ego feel unsafe. The human ego makes us feel we already know everything, and that our souls are not in need of healing or expanding into something greater than we were before. However, our egos are not focused on soul evolution, the spiritual self or the spiritual aspects of things – our egos are solely focused on the comforts and the illusions of the materialistic or physical world.

For those of us anchored in the physical world with a great deal of our focus on claiming truth, which we know can only be accessed from our spirtual dimensions, may find it difficult to assist those bound by the limitations of their long held egoic belief systems. Any ideas we bring forth that may challenge their current belief systems will most likely be met with great controversy and an altercation. For those who are enslaved by their egos, are bound by their fears and rigid beliefs may not be teachable. For without an open mind, ears to hear and eyes to see….our loved ones may be spiritual deaf and spiritually blind. Anything we say that goes against their comfort zones will be rejected.

Three of the most powerful egoic beliefs in the human consciousness, that keep people enslaved, are the beliefs that our Creator is a judgmental, unloving and angry God who requested his only begotten son Jesus to be offered as a human sacrifice to die on the cross for all of humanities sins. Modern teachings make people believe all you need to do is “believe” in Jesus (without having to act like Jesus or change any behavioral patterns) and you will be saved from the fiery depths of hell and go to heaven.  In addition, we have also been told that we only have one life to please God and master ourselves and then we go to heaven (for those who believe in Jesus) or we go to hell (for those who don’t believe in Jesus). These beliefs make absolutely no common sense but humanity has been attached to them for a very long time.

It is impossible to truly believe God is LOVE, and also believe that God would request a human sacrifice. In addition, the belief that one person would be held accountable for ALL of humanities sins is ludicrous, spiritually immature and irresponsible. This belief brings security to the ego and makes the ego feel good, but it enslaves humanity creating spiritual complacency because people don’t have to truly look at themselves and transcend any negative egoic behavioral patterns they may have because they believe Jesus has already done all of the work for them. The consciousness of “expecting to get something for nothing” is the very consciousness that keeps our souls from evolving to new levels – it traps us in the wheel of reincarnation over and over again where we will continue to suffer.

Jesus was one of MANY transformational teachers who chose to incarnate onto the Earth to help raise humanity into a higher consciousness. Jesus came into a physical body so he could physically show us the way back to God. He came to be the example for us to follow. The story of Jesus is the story of self-mastery. In addition, the higher vibrations and expansion of consciousness he brought with him seeded this planet with the “potential” for humanity to activate the Christ Consciousness within ourselves. Our purpose in life is to grow in self awareness, expanding our consciousness and creative abilities so we can take dominion over our egoic mind and our stagnant egoic belief systems so we can activate the Kingdom of God Within and merge back into ONENESS with our true selves. In order to accomplish this we must first abandon the belief that anyone outside of ourselves is going to save us…..we must save ourselves. There are teachers, books, organizations and spiritual beings who can greatly assist us, but ultimately the power to heal our souls, expand our consciousness and raise our vibrational frequencies – so we can claim our divine birthrights – will be accomplished when we integrate the outside/external teachings and internalize them grounding them fully into our beings so we can change the quality of our consciousness and take it with us when we die. This is the great work – to change the quality of our soul energy. It is not about belief, but transmutation of our current levels of energy into higher levels that will set us free! ~Sabrina

If you would like a greater understanding of the inner work that must be done in order for you to activate your soul and claim your Christ Consciousness you may be interested in the “RAISE YOUR VIBRATION” book as a guide to help you stay committed to your souls ascension.

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