The Biggest Problem Humans Have Is Lack Of Self Love And Self Respect By Sabrina Reber

375203d9db76fd7cfc98e09e8acef1c4 One of the biggest problems we have in our world is a lack of self respect and self love. Because the ego projects everything outside of itself; we tend to desire respect and love from others without giving it to our self first. And this is problematic because we are expecting others to give us, what they too have not developed for themselves.

Until we become conscious of this behavioral pattern within the human psyche, we will continue to create a vicious cycle of pain and lack of authenticity because we are not aligned with OUR souls heart felt intentions! Unfortunately, many of us have allowed our self to become aligned with someone else’s projected egoic desires and expectations they should put on themselves, but have projected onto us.

For example, “How many times have you disrespected your self by putting other people’s dreams and desires ahead of your own?”

Humans who are not aligned with the power of their creatorship and their souls heart felt desires become very demanding on others to do the job for them! They will project all of their issues onto everyone outside of themselves expecting others to fulfill their needs, and oftentimes their very own dreams, so they can live vicariously through us and our energy stream.

Victim consciousness and the need to save and fix others by sacrificing our own happiness is the old energy paradigm that will not work anymore. If you continue to support the negative belief system of sacrifice and saving others, you will find your self in a tremendous amount of chaos. There is no need for anyone to sacrifice their hearts desires for someone else. Each one of us incarnated to fulfill our own souls divine plan. When we are aligned with our truth, joy, happiness and heart felt desires we empower others to align with their soul power and soul joy as well. We are being asked to step into our own power and align with our own souls wisdom. We can no longer reside in victim consciousness expecting others to do for us what we can do for our SELF. We must BE and SEE everyone as the powerful creators that we truly are.

The best way to help others is to be so aligned with the intuition of our own soul that we will know, with great clarity, when it is a heart felt desire to “be of service” to others and when it is a heart felt desire to allow others the opportunity to “grow themselves.”  We can not honor the god and goddess in each being, and also take their power away by doing everything for them. We are in the time of empowerment and transparency. For once we were blind, but now we can SEE. It is time for each one of us to accept responsibility for the SELF…..our own health, our own happiness, our own joy, our own souls mission…. truly re-connecting with the love and transformative power of our higher soul and I AM Presence. For it is when each person accepts responsibility for the SELF,  their own energy, and their own ascending consciousness that this planet will heal and transform with great rapidity. We are the ones we have been waiting for. ~Sabrina

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