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In 2005, after a two-year “Dark Night of the Soul,” Sabrina experienced a profound Spiritual Awakening where her kundalini ascended, and she merged into ONENESS with her God Self. In this expanded state of awareness, Sabrina realized she had lived most of her life in a state of amnesia completely forgetting who she truly was ~ an eternal spiritual being, having a temporary human experience. Sabrina realized she had blocked the LOVE of God from being able to fully flow through her being, and she knew the majority of humanity had also done the same thing. The quote from Jesus, “Forgive them father, for they know not what they do” had new meaning for Sabrina. She realized it was humanity’s forgetfulness ~ our “amnesia” or veils placed over our minds, and  blocks held within our energy fields, that kept us from our eternal divine truth that created all pain and suffering on the planet. This illumination completely transformed Sabrina’s life, and way of “Being” in the world. She was placed on a path of rapid healing and transformation, which opened her up to her soul’s mission on Earth at this time. She was energetically reborn, while in physical body, with an illuminated state of consciousness, and was shown a vision of our planet entering into a very special planetary alignment, where humanity’s next level of advancement would be offered. This special alignment is a cyclic event that occurs in 26,000 year cycles where encodings from the sun will help us activate our memory, dormant strands of DNA and encourage us to spiritually evolve beyond our current state of consciousness into a more en-lighten-ed way of being. She was shown the “Return of Christ” was really the return of humanity’s christ consciousness, which is based on attaining ONENESS with our God Self so we can open ourselves up to our truth and usher in the era of peace or “Heaven here on Earth.”

Sabrina has dedicated her life to helping people re-member who they truly are, so they too can activate and integrate the Christ Consciousness within themselves. The “Raise Your Vibration” book is a compilation of spiritual wisdom, tools and techniques Sabrina personally uses in her life to continue to ascend her consciousness, and are also used by hundred’s of thousands of people all over the world who are also interested in attaining their soul’s highest potential at this most auspicious time on Earth.

Sabrina named the book “Raise Your Vibration” because in order for us to merge into ONENESS with our God Selves, we need to raise the energetic frequencies of our emotional, mental and physical bodies so we can access the higher vibrational energies of our spiritual bodies where our God Selves reside. Our God Selves are direct extensions of the “Creator Of All That Is” and they are pure, completely unaffected by the impurities of the physical dimension. There is absolutely nothing anyone has ever done to corrupt or change the pure divine essence of our God Selves. Our God Selves live in a higher octave within our beings – as Jesus says, “The Kingdom Of God Is Within.” Through the free will of our soul’s, our soul’s can choose to attain a direct relationship with our God Selves by going within, and healing the energetic distortions that block our soul’s from attaining ONENESS with our God Selves by raising our vibrational frequencies.


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