The Heart Is The Magnetizer For Abundance, Loving Relationships And A Harmonious Life. By: Sabrina Reber


QUESTION: How do I create an abundance of love? I feel with my whole self that I am here for a very specific reason with a very specific person. I’ve felt like this for my whole life. But every time I get close something always gets in the way. I need to know how to calm myself, and be at peace with myself. Repeatedly coming close and then failing my life’s mission is bringing a lot of negative things into my life. And a lot of things I don’t want to feel. Any advice?

ANSWER: An abundance of love first begins with the love of self. When you begin to love your self ~ enough to face your self, you will face God/ddess. All the hidden things within you, that no longer serve you, will begin to rise to the surface to be healed. This can be a very vulnerable time period, and many people will not want to go through this phase because they are looking for instant gratification and a quick fix. Unfortunately, soul alchemy takes time and inner persistence in order to transmute the lower vibrations within your being into a higher vibrational frequency. A good way to get started loving your self is to spend time in quite communion with your soul through meditation. You need to reconnect with YOU. With the continued spiritual practice of meditation, self honesty and self observation you will begin to raise your vibrational frequency so you can open and expand the many chambers in your heart that will magnetize goodness into your life. When the heart opens, it is orgasmic. The opening of the heart is palpable….it is so sweet, it will bring tears to your eyes because you will remember and directly experience the true love of your divine essence, which is really what you are looking for!  Heart expansion does take time, and more importantly, it takes inner faith that your continued efforts towards the spiritual practice of meditation and the willingness to self transcend will reap the rewards you are seeking. You must believe in your self and in Spirit! Stay committed and focus your energy in the direction you desire, and learn the lessons that are presented to you when you fall out of alignment. Every obstacle you encounter has a gift and an opportunity for you to gain greater wisdom so you can learn more about yourself and expand your LOVE frequency.  LOVE is the great magnetizer! The more LOVE you are able to tap into vibrationally, the greater your creator abilities will be. It is the vibration of LOVE that will attract all good things to you. However, in order to tap into the higher vibrations of LOVE, the lower vibrations of fear will need to be discovered and addressed otherwise you will continue to create the same unwanted circumstances over and over again because the “root cause” of your fears will remain hidden in the shadows of your consciousness. Get real about your fears and bring them into the light of your awareness so you can transcend them.

The “Raise Your Vibration” book is a wonderful tool to help you face your self. It will help you gain greater understanding of the many “selves” working within you so you can heal those aspects that continue to re-create things in your life that you are ready to move beyond so you can have a more balanced, loving, calm, peaceful and abundant life.

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