The Many Names Of God: By Sabrina Reber


Have you ever thought about how many names you have? We all have a first name, a middle name, a last name and oftentimes a married name. We have a variety of different nick names and then we have other names too such as Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son, Wife, Husband, Student, Teacher, Boss, Employee etc. Many of us have also reclaimed our spiritual names, and just like us, God too has many names and plays a variety of different roles in everyone’s lives in order to provide what each being on Earth needs to assist them with their souls evolution.

So it is foolish and quite ignorant for any of us to have negative emotional responses to the many different names of God on Earth. And it is egotistical and controlling to think that your name of God is the one and only true name of God, because God is not a person that can be contained within the mental boxes of human limitations – in fact the real name of God is not pronounceable by any human because of the immense power it carries.

God is a vast multidimensional energy that has many multidimensional aspects of itself starting with the highest level of God that we are aware of in this universe – as of yet – known as Ein Sof – the endless one, first act of creation and infinite light of YHVH written like this in Hebrew:


When reading Hebrew we read the word from right to left. On the far right, the first symbol is YOD which represents masculine energy. The next symbol HEH represents feminine energy. VAV representing masculine energy and HEH again representing feminine energy. YHVH represents the masculine and feminine energies of God/dess balanced and unified within one being displaying the higher divinity of non physicality that is not bound by duality or polarization like everything on Earth. God is the only self existent or self sufficient being – only God has life in and of itself. Everything else is dependent upon God, and that is the essential meaning of YHVH which is also known as the Tetragrammaton. The Tetragrammaton represents the unspeakable name of God by utilizing four letters (YHVH). The Tetragrammaton is a very powerful protective symbol that looks like this:


The Tetragrammaton according to Jewish and Esoteric Kabbalistic traditions is equivalent to:

- The 4 Kabbalistic worlds of creation (Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, Assiah)

- The four elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth)

- The four great archangels (Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Uriel)

- The four cardinal directions (North, East, South, West)

Hence the most powerful four letter name of God that can be said by a human is:  YHVH pronounced (YUD-HEY-VAHV-HEY), which most simply translates as “The Lord.” In order to receive the most connection with this word, it is best to tune into our hearts and to chant it repeatedly, or more importantly, VIBRATE IT  by elongating each of the words in order to come into harmonic resonance with the vibrational power of the word:

Inhale a slow deep breath, focusing on your heart and upon exhale begin to chant and vibrate: YUUUUD-HEEEYYYY-VAAAAHVVVV- HEEEEEEYYYYY.

There are many ways to connect with the names of God. According to Esoteric Kabbalist there are 72 Hebrew Names of God:


We can vibrate the names, we can study the names and we can also meditate on the names. Here is a great 30 minute visual meditation of the 72 names of God. Remember, in Hebrew we read from right to left:

Here is a beautiful song by Laurell Hubick called “Names Of God” :

And here is a video with the pronunciation of the 72 names of God:



There is also a book written by Yehuda Berg with the 72 Names of God that will help you determine which name of God you need to use in order to receive the assistance you need such as spiritual cleansing, healing, diffusing negative energy and stress, unconditional love, guidance etc. Although our rational minds may not understand the words, our souls recognize the letters which infuse light into our beings so our vibrations can be shifted into a higher one in order to bring balance and healing into our beings.

72 Names Of God Book By Yehuda Berg





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