The Only Time Anyone Can Have Any Power Over Us Is When They Have Something We Want: By Sabrina Reber


The only time anyone can have any power over us is when they have something we want. In order to be energetically free and sovereign, in our own energy, we will need to be observant and honest with ourselves about our expectations and judgments. It is our expectations and judgments that create “energetic hooks” between our self and the other person that will drain our energy  creating great confusion within our being because pieces of our energy remain in their energy field and pieces of their energy remain in our energy field. We literally enslave each other with our projected energy.

 Common Energetic Hooks:

~ Wanting someone to act in a different way.

~ Expecting someone outside of our self to make us happy.

~ Seeking self worth, value and acceptance outside of the self.

~ Seeking love from someone else.

~ Wanting to be appreciated by others.

~ Wanting someone to resonate with our victim consciousness and the stories we tell ourselves.

When we are conscious of our inner workings; we become observers of our experience, which will give us the power and the free will choice to shift our direction of energy and possibly even walk away from a chaotic, painful interaction that entangles our energy with the other person. For example, if we find ourselves in a negative situation and we are observant of our desire for someone to act in a specific way….. then we will remain in a place of power accepting responsibility for our energy, and we will not project our energy outside of our self “hooking” into the other person trying to force and control them to meet our expectations. We will simply stand in our power and observe the situation, without reacting, so we can make a decision from a place of soul alignment to determine whether this interaction is worth more of our time and energy or not.

In addition, be aware of others. Who is hooking into your energy expecting you to fulfill their happiness based on their expectations and judgments of you? These interactions are parasitic and drain our souls. As we continue to evolve and become more conscious of our self people will not be able to hook into us! We will learn how to not get caught up in these energetic entanglements keeping our energy aligned with our higher soul so we can manifest OUR vision for OUR life and not the visions, demands and expectations of all those siphoning off our energy.  Personal sovereignty begins with the self. When we each accept responsibility for our own life, our own happiness, our own joy we will let everyone else off the “hook” and set ourselves free. ~Sabrina

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