The Purpose Of Our Existence: By Sabrina Reber


The divine essence of God, in perfect wholeness and beingness decided that it wanted to experience more, know more, be more than what it currently was. So God decided to extend its energy into divine sparks and projected those sparks outside of itself into limitation so it could experience itself in greater ways, shapes and forms in order for it to get to know itself better. Each one of us, and all forms of consciousness, are extensions of the “Creator Of All That Is” that have been projected into the many worlds of reality where we create our lives so God can experience itself through us. When we create unconsciously we oftentimes create negative circumstances for ourselves. However, when we awaken and become conscious of our creative powers we can then focus our attention to create in unison with the universal laws where we can create a positive, balanced life for ourselves.

Just like God has extended parts of itself into limitation, we too have also done the same thing! We are multi-dimensional beings with physical and energetic bodies that are karmically creative. For every cause, there is an effect! Anything that is in our reality has been created by an aspect of our beings. If we want to start directing our lives in a positive manner then we need to get to know ourselves and “ALL” of the fragmented energies within us that create our current circumstances.

Due to the acceleration of light on this planet, we are being gifted an opportunity to really clean up the shadowy soul fragments of our egoic consciousness so we can attain self realization. Our higher selves, or our own personal Gods that live within the higher vibrating dimensions within each one of our energy fields, is calling us forward to truly “get to know thyself.” We are being asked to pull ourselves out of denial about the psychological aspects within ourselves that keep us energetically separated from divine union with our higher selves and God as well.

This is the divine plan – for each one of us to purify our souls so we can have a direct experience of ourselves as God Essence, while in physical body, through kundalini ascension which will activate our souls and help us eventually evolve into fully self realized beings. When we energetically awaken and activate our light, we help God also access more of its light, wisdom and creative potentials to assist in the continuing process of eternal creation. Each one of us are transformers of energy and we are a vital part in the evolution of energy and consciousness. Everything we do or don’t do affects the quality of God’s creation!

In order for us to be a positive aspect of creation it is imperative for us to dissolve the impostor energies of our ego and shadow consciousness. These energies are fear filled energies, psychological defects our souls have created due to the perceived separation we experienced when we were projected into the worlds of physicality. It is through the disillusionment of our egos that we are able to transform energy into a product that God can actually assimilate back into its consciousness so it can know itself better. If we do not transform this energy then it can not be returned to God to assist God further with its loving creations.

This is the “Great Work” that every divine spark is called to do! All are chosen, but only a few will choose to step forward into the holy duty of soul transmutation and transfiguration. We are each being called forth to transform the density of our limited energy into expansive, highly creative energy that is used for the purposes of higher creation. When we have utilized our free will to accomplish the “Great Work,” and we have totally transformed the multi-dimensions of our energy back to perfection, we will be able to enter back into the Kingdom of God. We will then have completed what our divine spark had originally set out to do, which was to become fully self realized, where we can now utilize our perfected energy to add to the powerfully creative processes of new creations and new worlds. © SABRINA REBER WITH RAISE YOUR VIBRATION.COM

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