The Tree of Life Is Placed On The Back Of The Human Body By Sabrina Reber



The Tree of Life is the divine blueprint the Creator provided for humans to utilize as a roadmap to help us return back to our original divine essences. The Tree is a picture of the macrocosm and the microcosm. Our physical body and energetic pathways are organized and mapped on our physical bodies. That is why it is so important to understand that the “Tree of Life” and its 10 Sephiroth are not to be placed on the front of the body but are intended to be placed on the back of the body. The “Tree of Life” represents who we truly are and when we understand the symbolism contained within the tree, we begin to understand ourselves – who we are and why we are here.


The 10 Sephiroth are within us and in all organic and inorganic matter. The Sephiroth are the multidimensional aspects of creation, of everything in existence – from the Universe, to Man, to the Atom. Humans are in the process of activating and incarnating the energies of each Sephirah, which will help us awaken to our true potentials and activate our luminous light bodies. The Sephiroth are atoms, high vibrational spiritual atoms that remain dormant until we choose from our own free will to face God, to face ourselves, so we can access our true spiritual/divine natures. This doesn’t just happen, it requires dedication and the use of our WILL to ascend ourselves up the “Tree of Life” where we can access higher and higher levels of the divine forces that work within and around us so we can grow the spiritual fruits of our tree.

To further discuss why the “Tree of Life” is placed on the back of the human body we need to first understand the Supernal Triad at the top of the “Tree of Life” that contains the three aspects of God which are woven into ONE because the energy flow between them is not broken. The Supernal Triad is the TRINITY that consists of Kether, Chokmah (+) and Binah (-).


Kether: Father. The Initial Spark of God. The Monad. The True Self.

Chokmah: The Spirit, the Flame, WISDOM. The masculine archetype that extends itself out to create the soul. (Son) It is the original FORCE – it is “Consciousness.” Positive Polarity. (+)

Binah: Womb, Container, Mother that holds the “flame” of the Father from which all souls are born. Holy Spirit. Feminine Archetype of FORM! The vehicle through which FORCE expresses itself. Negative Polarity. (-)

When the energy of God moves down into creation it moves forward as a lightening rod from KETHER into CHOKMAH (FORCE) which is located on the “right side” of our heads (masculine/yin/positive) and then moves to the left side of our heads into BINAH (into FORM) which is the feminine/yang/negative. It then continues to move down the tree of life until it reaches into physicality.


Humans are a reflection of God and the “Tree of Life.” Therefore, humans are facing the tree which is being “reflected” onto us. This means that the tree would be superimposed on to us with the right side of our bodies (which are masculine) aligning with Chokmah (+), Chesed (-), Netzach (+) which are on the yin side of the pillar on the “Tree of Life.” The left sides of our bodies (which are feminine) align with Binah (-), Geburah (+) and Hod (-) which are aligned on the yang side of pillar on the “Tree of Life. “The proper placement of the “Tree of Life” is placed on the back of the body, which aligns the right side of our brains with the mind of “Force”(CHOKMAH) and the left side of the brain with that of “Form” (BINAH). In order for the energies of Kether to descend down into physicality it must first move into “the right side of the human body” which has the positive charge (+) FORCE of consciousness known as CHOKMAH which then can extend itself into BINAH (-) which is the womb or the container that holds the flame of divinity where souls are born. BINAH is the closest to the world of form, therefore it is the last of the energies in the Supernal Triad to receive the energies of FORCE before they become FORM. Binah is of a negative charge which means it is on the LEFT side of the body and CHOKMAH is of a positive charge so therefore it is on the RIGHT side of the body. If we were to put the “Tree of Life” on the front of the body without correctly reversing the Sephiroth it would look like the image below and this does not reflect CHOKMAH on the positive (+) side of the body or BINAH on the negative (-) side.



The above image is incorrect because it would place CHOKMAH the masculine archetype on the feminine side of the pillar on the “Tree of Life.” And BINAH (The Mother), would be on the masculine side of the pillar which is the positive pillar of FORCE/CHRIST/SON. So as you can see, the “Tree of Life” should appropriately be placed on the back side of the body so FORCE (CHOKMAH) and FORM (BINAH) can be placed on the appropriate masculine (+) and feminine (-) sides of the 2 pillars.



If you want to place the “Tree of Life” on the front of the body, simply reverse the Sephiroth so that it looks like this:























The Sephiroth on the Back of Human:

Kether:  Crown Chakra, Top of the Head

Chokmah: Right Side of the Brain,

Binah: Left side of the Brain

Chesed: Right Arm

Geburah: Left Arm

Tiphereth: Heart

Netzach: Upper Right Leg

Hod: Upper Left Leg

Yesod: Sexual Organs

Malkuth: Feet



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