Utilizing Trump to Help us Transform our Consciousness By Sabrina Reber



Our planet currently needs to have government officials because humanity needs to be governed and we need to be regulated. Our consciousness is not evolved enough to allow people the freedom to choose for themselves what they would like to do because we are unable to make wise, constructive choices for the highest good of all involved. The truth is that humanity is destructive and our divine consciousness is veiled due to the filters of negative perception our egos have placed over our minds, and because of this we need an appropriate system and laws to be put in place in order to set boundaries for humanity to live by. There are “Universal Spiritual Laws” and there are “Earthly Physical Laws” that we are suppose to abide by. Just as there are government officials and hierarchies of light who hold specific positions of power in the spiritual and celestial dimensions (there are dark lowarchies as well), Earth too will always have a governing system of checks and balances. As above so below.

For those of us in the USA, the level of our “group consciousness” has attracted a President who reflects back to us our levels of distortion. Donald Trump exemplifies hypocrisy, inexperience, a superiority complex, bad behavior and an extreme level of unconscious thoughtlessness. He also represents someone who claims to be a Christian, but clearly represents someone who “talks the talk” but does not “walk the walk.” Trumps choices do not reflect the love and unity Christ demonstrated and he is full of the 7 Deadly Sins in the Christian Bible that Christians are suppose to overcome: LUST, GLUTTONY, ANGER, ENVY, GREED, PRIDE AND LAZINESS. These are the anti-christ energies that reside within us all….they are the legions of egos we must transmute into a higher form of energy in order for us to awaken and incarnate our Christ Selves into our beings.

For those of us wanting to ascend our consciousness so we can awaken and incarnate the Christ Within – we can utilize Donald as a powerful TEACHER who is showing us “how not to be!” Quite frankly, negative teachers are always the best teachers – so instead of rejecting him, lets utilize him to help us transform the darkness within ourselves. Lets begin by looking at the 7 Deadly Sins. These sins/vices are actually in all great religions and philosophies – for instance the Buddhist call them the 5 poisons. In order to understand how these vices/egos are working within us we have to be brutally self honest and we also need to meditate on them so we can “SEE” our defects and change them. If we remain in denial about them (like Donald), they continue to exist, but when we have someone like Trump as a powerful universal mirror it makes it a little easier for us to see the corruption within ourselves. These vices are also not to be seen simply from the surface level….they actually have an expansive nature and apply themselves in a variety of ways.

LUST: In essence lust is NEGATIVE DESIRE. Most people think of lust as purely sexual and it can be – look how oversexed we are as a society. We are like animals wanting pleasure all the time and oftentimes this pleasure is attained through manipulation, control, domination and with very little love and respect towards the other person. The sexual energy is very sacred and very powerful and we are wasteful with it. LUST also represents ATTACHMENT. Attachment to material goods, titles, food, sex, money, expectations etc. Many of us lust after drama and chaos – we love to intoxicate ourselves with negative pleasures, negative emotions, negative thoughts, gossip, negative theories/ideas/news and negative actions so our egos (and external parasitic energies) can feed off of the negative energy that these behaviors create.

GLUTTONY: Represents the insatiable desires of our egos. Our egos are never content. They always have us seeking something better, something more, something better than what everyone else has. We are EXCESSIVE, especially at the expense of our beloved planet and oftentimes at the expense of others. We are gluttonous with food, material items, homes, gifts, consciousness suppressing substances, social media, our thoughts, emotions, negative patterns and our egoic behaviors.

ANGER: The root of our anger stems from our egoic energetic blocks from within our energy fields that have trapped our divine consciousness and interfered with our connection to the God within ourselves. We are angry because we know we need to realign ourselves with our divine energy but we don’t want to do the work necessary in order to earn the right to reintegrate ourselves back with the Divine. Therefore, it is easier for us to project all of our problems and issues externally of ourselves and blame our lack of connection onto everyone and everything else. We could utilize our anger to bring forth change within, which would bring forth change without, but instead we repress our anger and allow it to be the catalyst for great suffering in our lives and in the lives of those around us. When we allow anger to fester and build up and we “react” angrily towards others our anger becomes demonic which is what continues to create great tribulation, karma and personal enslavement – due to our own free will choices – on this planet.

ENVY: Envy occurs when our focus is to be “better” than everyone else and also when we don’t live up to our own creative potentials and we become jealous of those who are thriving. When we begin to focus our attention on what everyone “out there” is doing we lose sight of our inner alignment and the desires of our innermost. We are suppose to “do our personal best” but this gets distorted when our egoic mind wants to “out do” or “one up” another. Envy leads to gluttony, excess and imbalances that distort our perception of divine worthiness for ourselves and others.

GREED: Greed aligns with Gluttony and also brings forth the SELFISH nature of our egoic consciousness. We want things done our way and we oftentimes believe that our way is the only correct way. This way of thinking creates separation consciousness between us and them and it also leads to the need to control others. Instead of focusing on controlling ourselves and our own egoic behaviors we create an insatiable desire to control others. We want our negative desires fulfilled and we expect others to give us what we want instead of us manifesting and creating it for ourselves in a constructive positive way. We ourselves become energetically parasitic in order to fulfill our selfish desires. With GREED comes MANIPULATION, DOMINATION and CONTROL.

PRIDE: Pride aligns with GREED and ENVY. When we think very highly of ourselves and we feel we have already arrived spiritually/financially/intellectually and we already have all of the answers then we don’t have to work on ourselves or continue to refine the inner christic diamond within ourselves. This is a major trick of our egoic consciousness and PRIDE is the egoic demon within ourselves that will keep us from evolving our souls to new levels. Many of us solely have pride on the material levels. We pride ourselves on how much money we make, what our credit score is, how many degrees and certifications we have, how attractive our mate is, how large and flashy our houses are, how expensive our cars are, what job titles we have etc. This is the illusion of this physical reality. We pride ourselves on physical/material things while our inner spirit and soul is devoid of true joy, happiness, spiritual attainment, connection and truth. Our pride keeps us from expanding, it keeps us from awakening the God within.

LAZINESS: Many would say, “Oh I am not lazy, I am very busy.” And yes, that may be true….many of us are very busy doing everything we can to avoid the inner darkness within that we need to transform so we can claim our LIGHT. We are busy doing what the ego wants us to do, or even what other people want us to do – but we are LAZY when it comes to our spiritual practices, the disillusionment of our egos and the awakening of our divine consciousness. Most Christians are LAZY, in fact they are so lazy they believe that Christ has done all the work for them and that all of their sins are forgiven – so therefore, they can continue to live their lives full of vices completely devoid of virtues. This is also occurring in the spiritual, new age communities….we are filling our brains with all kinds of intellectual and galactic knowledge but we are not consistent with our spiritual practices and we are also not integrating the divine wisdom we are receiving into our beings and living it on a daily basis. For the most part, we spend more time investing our time and energy in behaviors that suppress our consciousness rather than we do in practices that expand our consciousness.

So as we can see Trump, who claims to be a Christian, is overflowing with all of these vices. Whatever is within humanity will be reflected in our external worlds; especially in our government officials. Trump is representing the EGOS of the United States of America. He is providing a Universal Mirror for us to  SEE where we can also do some further refining within the levels of our very own consciousness. Trump might be at level 100% of these egoic vices and many of us may be at a 20% level but it is our 20% level of distortions that those of us who are wanting to ascend our consciousness to new levels of being, so we can awaken and incarnate our Christ Consciousness, that we need to be working and focusing on.

The path of soul ascension requires us to get honest with ourselves. This is how we become ascended beings. So not only do we need to do the inner work that Trump is reflecting back to us, we also need to take ACTION to create CHANGE. So this does not mean that we sit back and allow Trump to behave and make decisions for us that are destructive. Trump is here to shaken and awaken us out of the hypnotic rhythm we have allowed ourselves to fall into. We can not be passive with a President who is clearly showing us how distorted his thinking is due to the legions of egoic energies and psychological defects within him that have the potential for great destruction for our entire planet. We need to have compassion for him knowing that he too, just like us, have gotten caught up in a very dense world where we are all operating with highly destructive, internal and external energies all around us that manipulate us from being able to align ourselves with our higher wisdom and make positive, constructive decisions for the highest good of all of Creation.

We are being tested and we are being initiated. We are in the energies of “the great transformation,” that all great scriptures speak about, and we have FREE WILL to choose whether we are going to continue to create hell here on Earth or bring a heavenly state of consciousness down to Earth. This heavenly state of consciousness occurs through humanity, through each one of us while we are in physicality. It will not just be given to us – for everything is earned and nothing will be given freely. When a large enough group of us attain purification and we bring down our Christ Consciousness into our physical bodies we will affect the consciousness of everyone else who will also be able to return to this Edenic, bliss filled way of living in alignment with our Creator.

So I am asking for all the light workers who are inspired and resonate with this message to continue to “Do The Great Work.” Go within and clean up the seven deadly sins within you, the seven vices of your egoic consciousness. Meditate, change your negative behaviors and also TAKE ACTION in a constructive, positive way to spread awareness and let our voices be heard. We can not passively sit back and remain in denial about what is happening on our planet. We need to remain in balance, fully in our power and utilize whatever “special gift” we have to stand up for our planet and humanity so we can be a part of the CHANGE and not part of the problem. The path of mastery is not easy, and it will have its difficulties – one of those being that we have to be very careful about not getting emotionally or mentally sucked into the drama. If we become emotionally unbalanced and we fall into anger, fear, judgment, false truths etc. we will begin to waste a lot of energy, which will open up space for vampiric and parasitic energies in the astral dimensions to feed off of us.

Each one of us have incarnated for a very special reason. We are in physicality to act as transformers. We are here to do the work and to create change. Humanity’s role here on Earth is to fight disorder and to return our planet and ourselves back to unity – this was one of the purposes and the example that Christ revealed to us. Every second of every day we have the free will choice to be hypnotized into apathy and complacency or to be hypnotized by our negative thoughts, emotions, attachments and repetitive behavioral patterns. We need to break free from the negative hypnotic rhythm and utilize the energetic powers of our Thought, Will and Action to create the changes we so desire to see. All three of these facilities create a perfect trinity for creation and manifestation. One without the other is incomplete. So tune in with your higher self and see where you can apply your unique special gifts into this very chaotic world to help create transformation. How can your serve? We are all privileged to be here at this time to witness the deconstruction of the old so we can create anew. Don’t be a passive bystander during these powerful times. Align your will with the will of your Inner God and take action in whatever way your inner being is guiding you to do!  -Sabrina © raiseyourivibration.com

Right Thought + Right Utilization of our Wills + Right Action = POSITIVE DIVINE CREATION

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