We Can Not Fight Darkness With More Darkness. We Need To Increase The Light By: Sabrina Reber


When people post traumatizing images of animals or humans who have been tortured/harmed over and over again they are contributing to the lower vibrations of pain, chaos, guilt, hate, suffering, victimization and fear on the planet. With good intentions….they are creating more of what they are wanting to change. We are addicted to  the drama and chaos of it all. Our direction of energy needs to be focused on the solution, not the problem.

Emotional energies and negative thought forms in the astral realms only intensify when we create intense negative emotions within humans, and they feed off of our negativity. We can bring awareness to people without inflicting the lower vibrations of fear and horror. We need a paradigm shift in how we create change…adding darkness to darkness perpetuates the very things we are wanting to rise above by creating more darkness. We must increase the LIGHT of greater awareness by helping people remember who they are, aspects of Source energy. Once everyone knows they are an extension of Source….then they will realize everyone and everything else is an extension of Source and what we do to another, we do to ourselves.

People who are in pain, create more pain. We need to clean up our souls and heal the pain so we don’t resonate with the vibration of pain anymore. This planet will transform into it’s divine vibration of “Heaven on Earth” when, we as a whole, raise our vibrational frequency and become the change we want to see in the world. We are the one’s we have been waiting for. We are the co-creators of the New Earth. Before we say or post anything it would behoove us to ask: Will this increase or decrease the LIGHT on this planet? Will this action promote feelings of fear or love? It is important to bring awareness to the masses and to shine light on shadowy behaviors, but we need to do it in an empowered way that is constructive not destructive. ~Sabrina ©


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