What Is Ayahuasca And Why Would You Want To Consider Experiencing It? By Sabrina Reber


Before I begin this article, let me make this clear: You Do Not Need To Drink Ayahuasca In Order To Raise Your Vibration And Ascend Your Soul’s Consciousness.

Ayahuasca is an “external tool” that has the potential to take you on a very profound “internal journey” of soul discovery through the realms of your hidden subconscious and the many other multidimensional realms within your being. Depending how much you surrender to the plant medicine will determine the level of healing that can occur within your being. Some people feel 10 years worth of soul healing and purifcation occured to them within one ceremony of drinking the plant medicine. Through my own expereince, I would have to agree. The Ayahuasca plant medicine is here to accelerate our consciousness and evolve our DNA into the new divine human template. It helps us to release the old reptilian agenda within us, which is the ego based/carbon based dualistic being, into the New Earth Divine Human prototype which is a crystalline (christ line), heart based being. The heightened crystalline energies on our planet right now, and many other tools such as the ayahuasca plant medicine are helping us make this shift into the Unified Christ Consciousness while we are still in body. In others words, we are transforming and transmuting our old self into the new divine human template without having to physically die….we are taking our bodies with us this time, but we are having to release all of the distorted baggage we have been carrying around for a very long time that no longer serves us.


AYAHUASCA is a divine cosmic intelligence that has been around for a very long time, but has gained great popularity as humanity begins to awaken, and chooses to ascend their souls into greater states of consciousness. Soul ascension requires soul healing or the transmutation of the negative energetic distortions within our being that we have accumulated over many, many lifetimes of soul experience in the realms of duality. Trying to truly define ayahuasca is difficult because ayahuasca is somewhat of a mystery…..in order to fully understand this sacred plant medicine you truly need to experience it for your self.

AYAHUASCA is a sacred psychoactive brew which consists of 2 different plant medicines. The Ayahuasca Vine and the Chacruna Leaf are brewed together to create a mystical, magical plant medicine that teaches, heals and transforms us on multiple levels of our being. The plants, drunk alone in and of themselves, will not have an effect on us when ingested because the enzymes in our stomach will break them down. But when they are combined, the enzymatic degradation is deactivated which allows for the absorption of DMT to be absorbed into our central nervous system. We have naturally occurring “trace amounts” of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) in the human body. When we are born and when we die, large amounts of DMT are naturally released into our system. When we drink the ayahuasca and chacruna plant brew, this stimulates large amounts of DMT to be released into our system which floods our pineal gland. There have been many times during our human evolution where we had an enlarged pineal gland and large amounts of DMT, but during the fall of man; our DNA strands were cut off, our pineal glands shrunk and our DMT levels were diminished. The ayahuasca plant medicine  re-saturates our pineal gland activating our cells into re-member-ance and re-activates our DNA.

AYAHUASCA VINE: Is known as a feminine spirit and is called “The Vine Of The Soul”. It is indigenous to the Amazon. There are other places where the vine grows, but all ayahuasca originated in the amazon and it has been transported to other places to grow. It is a vine that grows around a tree and is in the shape of a double helix. It contains MAOI (Monoamine oxidase inhibitors). The ayahuasca is the “INTELLIGENCE” of the brew and the “LOVE” which gives us the “STRENGTH” to endure the several hour visionary healing experience.


CHACRUNA LEAF: Also indigenous to the amazon, contains DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). This is the psychotria plant that brings the “LIGHT” into the brew and brings the visions. DMT is a naturally occurring chemical that creates visions within the pineal gland in the third eye. It helps you journey into parallel realms of your invisible realities.


When you drink the Ayahuasca and Chacruna plant brew, you are literally ingesting the “Spirit Of The Plants”. It is believed that these Intelligent Plant Spirits have incarnated on Earth, and have been growing for some time in preparation for the current shift in consciousness that is taking places. The plants are here to help us heal our ego and shadow consciousness so we can evolve into a more peaceful, loving planet. When you drink the plant medicine, you will “LOVINGLY” be shown serious faults within your personality so you can transcend them. The plants will prompt you to make changes, so be prepared! They will show you who you really are…..not who you think you are. Healing with the plant medicine brew occurs in an altered state of consciousness, and this in perfect divine orchestration because when we are fully conscious we tend to hold onto the very energies that do not serve us. For some reason, we receive unconscious negative pleasure from energies within us that keep us stuck in limitation and pain. The plant brew has oftentimes been called a jealous spirit…..in other words, she does not like certain energies, especially parasitic ones that feed off our energy. The ayahuasca plant brew will remove all parasitic energies that create obstacles in our lives. This is oftentimes done through “PURGING” or vomiting and diarrhea. Any discomfort, even pain you may feel, is the intelligent plant medicine moving through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of your being clearing the blockages that keep you from your truth and empowerment. The plant medicines work in a very efficient, direct way by clearing the energy fields first through lots of purging, then they will  heal, rewire and activate your entire system before they teach you about you and even answer questions you may have about your life and your soul’s mission.

The greatest advice I can give to you is to do your research!!! Some people are not physically/emotionally and mentally well enough to endure this kind of healing journey and there are  some very serious ayahuasca contraindications that you need to be made aware of. In addition, you need to make sure you have chosen a safe, reliable, highly regarded shaman to work with you. Unless you are very experienced with the plant medicines (have taken them at least 30 times) and you are 100% confident that you can maintain a safe, sacred space for you to be “out of body”….I would tell you, you should never do this alone. There are nefarious energies everywhere just waiting for people to leave their bodies unattended so they can slip in and create disharmony and fragmentation within your being. Nature abhors a vacuum. When you take this plant medicine, you will have periods where you will leave your body and visit the other side of the veil for healing and learning. A well trained shaman knows how to maintain safe, sacred space and also help you release discordant energies with ease and grace. They can also help you come back into your body if you go to far out…..which happens very frequently.

In addition, I would never tell anyone to consider doing this type of medicine unless they already had a strong spiritual foundation and were actively working on their ego and shadow consciousness. When you take this medicine…..you will encounter these energies within so you can heal them. The greater work you have done on yourself before hand, the easier the healing process will be. The “Raise Your Vibration” book is a wonderful tool to help you gain greater awareness of the many energies working within you so you can heal them, or at least be aware of them so when they reveal themselves to you, while you are on the medicine, you will know that they are showing themselves to you as they are being dissolved into your LIGHT and being transmuted. A strong spiritual foundation combined with a greater understanding of your self as a multidimensional being with layer upon layer of energetic distortions that needs to be healed will put you in a greater state of surrender, acceptance and gratitude while you are on the plant medicine. Click Here For More Information On The Book

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